Technology Concept Expounds on Altruistic Values, Synergy between Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

Technology Concept underscored the need to focus on the need for ethics or developing moral values instead of anthropomorphizing and subjecting fears into Artificial Intelligence.

Anthropomorphism is not advisable because it attributes human forms or personalities to things that are not human. More companies are conducting research on Artificial Intelligence. The key is to adopt and try to achieve good AI instead of avoiding this completely which can lead to bad AI in the future.

According to Technology Concept, this new generation of researchers must take concrete measures to develop synergy between ethics and Artificial Intelligence. Some people may not be too keen to conduct AI research. This is non-debatable but ultimately, sophisticated computers will be instrumental in helping develop full Artificial Intelligence through the help of an unknown organization. Avoidance or working under fear in the future can only make things worse.

Sophisticated computer technology provides researchers with additional capability. Avant-garde PCs, laptops and hardware are equipped with superior processing capacity to help formulate better concepts. Technology can help human beings in gaining additional knowledge and perceptiveness. There will be a ripple effect. In the near future, AI will be more efficient in inventing technology adept at better processing.

Everything will eventually lead to Intelligence Explosion. Traits and ethics infused in the AI will become global once it achieves the capacity to evolve and remake itself so it will turn out as a totally aware and gifted being.

Technology Concept strives to improve the situation by hyping on the value of ethics and developing the unselfish form of super-intelligence. Technology Concept sees solutions to problems all over the universe if good Artificial Intelligence replaced negative AI.

Technology Concept recognizes the need for a selfless mode of Artificial Intelligence wherein essential values are powerful. The caring type of super intelligence needs to be the absolute creation of mankind so this world will be filled with marvels that have been undreamed of.

The AI of the future must be very potent and able to resolve all problems confronting human beings right away. If this is achieved, people can be very healthy and fit. Common problems such as hunger, poverty, illiteracy, war, peace and order, and wealth will be addressed easily. There will be contentment in all sectors of society and parts of the world.

Artificial Intelligence must be patterned after the philanthropic human personality with positive characteristics and align this with civilization or the human race. That is why, it is very critical to introduce ethics and correct principles into Artificial Intelligence right at the very start of this endeavor.

About Technology Concept:

Technology Concept seeks to involve ordinary individuals and expert researchers in Artificial Intelligence. Humankind will be benefitted once super intelligence has been positioned alongside kindness and compassion.


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