CEAM is an entirely new kind of minimalist clothing brand that comes equipped with Water-Repellent Nanotechnology

CEAM just launched a Kickstarter campaign for CEAM Water-Repellent Minimalist Clothing w/100% cotton on November 2nd.

On November 1st, 2016 CEAM went live with a Kickstarter campaign for Water-Repellent Minimalist Clothing w/ 100% cotton. The company’s goals are to raise $10,000 for its first production run.

Our concept is “Invisible Nanotechnology meets Modern Design”. Our inspiration for CEAM for stems from a desire to combine the latest technology collaborates with modern design.  The latest technology is always used for activewear and sportswear, but we want to expand it to casualwear.

Our 1st collection features Liquid and Stain, Odor Resistant 100% cotton oxford. Cotton is the most useful fabric because of its softness and breathability, but it’s incredibly susceptible to water and liquid stains. All earlier treatment to solve these issues altered the texture and softness of the fabric we wear daily. Our collection is made with an invisible microscopic layer that encapsulates cotton fibers and forms a protective coating that repels liquids while maintaining the softness we love about cotton.

Our partner, Dropel, makes clothing lifeproof. Their performance-enhanced natural fabrics are used in all of our garments. We chose DropelTech Cotton because it’s the only water and stain repellent fabric that maintains it’s softness and breathability.

Dropel has been featured in Time, Business Insider, Mashable, WWD, Forbes and many others. They were recognized by Apparel Magazine as a Top Innovator of 2016 and SXSW as an Innovative World Technology Finalist.CEAM is made in Okayama, Japan, a city world-renowned for its manufacturing of high-quality clothing.

CEAM is made in Okayama, Japan, a city world-renowned for its manufacturing of high-quality clothing. And CEAM is designed by an upcoming designer who has presented his collection at Paris Fashion Week.

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Contact Person: Sachiko Ostle
Email: shimpei.kajiura@smalltrades.co.jp
Phone: 202-431-3334
Country: Japan
Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ceamcloth/ceam-water-repellent-oxford-shirt-collection-w-100