Just Active Wireless Sports Earbuds Launch to 5 Star Customer Feedback on Amazon

Since the launch of its wireless sports earbuds, Just Active, the upcoming sports, fitness and technology brand, has witnessed excellent customer feedback.  These headphones designed specifically for runners and other active users have received multiple 5 star reviews on Amazon.

The Just Active wireless sports earbuds provide a uniquely designed very lightweight set of headphones.  Primary features include superior comfort allowing prolonged usage and a ‘never fall out’ attribute making it especially useful for any form of rigorous exercise or workout.   The earbuds come with true HD sound quality providing a premium immersive listening experience.  There is also a built in MIC facilitating 4k ultra clear calls in addition to CVC noise reduction and echo cancellation.  The earbuds connect seamlessly to any Bluetooth enabled device over a 49ft straight range and can connect with two devices at any one time.  The earbuds are damp and dust resistance for extra durability and extremely easy to use making them suitable for all.

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The majority of reviews by Amazon users have been 5 out of 5 Stars with users particularly impressed by the comfort, sound quality, battery life, easy of use and overall cool look.  The earbuds are available in multiple colors including Blue/Black, Grey/Black and Pink/Black.  They also come with three different sized silicon earpieces to fit almost all ear sizes including those with small ears.  Below are some quotes taken from real and genuine customer reviews:

“5 Stars, Great Bluetooth Headphone Set by Amazon Customer….This is one of the best wireless headphones I’ve ever got. It comes with everything you need. I’ve dance and done exercise with it and it will not fall. The ear hook is made of soft silicone so it won’t hurt your ears….one full charge lasts me about 4 hours of non stop playing, or up to 6-8 hour if I use it on and off. If you need a headphone to do active exercise, this one is way too good.”

“5 Stars, Extraordinary Sound, by Bizzy and Mark…If you are looking for crystal clear music when you are busy doing noisy things then these are the ear buds for you! The sound of these is amazing. It is crisp and clear and feels like your head is in stereo mode. The design and comfort of these ear buds is great too. They fit snuggly into your ears so that no matter what you are doing they won’t come out and make you lose your pace. You can use them to answer the phone because they have a mic on them as well. I love the pink and black color too. I am always searching for something that doesn’t make my ear sore and these are a great comfort and fit. You can get lost in whatever you are doing because the noise of the world is drowned out. Music makes me happy and this is a great device to add more music into my life. I can listen to whatever suits my mood and I don’t even have to hear my dogs barking if I don’t want to. These give you excellent sound, extraordinary comfort and great quality. They are truly the whole package in ear buds. I give them two thumbs up!”

“5 Stars, Great Quality Very Comfortable by Libby…Great Headphones. They have a good quality sound, The earbuds are made of silicone so they do not hurt your ears. I love that they stay in while you are working out and running. The earbuds are made to resist the sweat and yes that is true. I had no problem with it at all. These headphones charge quickly and keep charged for a long time. I love that I can listen to my music using Bluetooth it makes things so much easier for me, I can go about 30 feet and get a good connection…love the product very professional packaging and they also make a great gift!”

“5 Stars, Great Headphones by Mary….I like how the ear pieces stay snuggly in the ears and are comfortable to wear. Great for working out, jogging, or just walking outside, and don’t have to worry about them getting wet or sweaty. Seem well made and look nice. Picked these because the microphone is lower on the line rather than at the ear which seems to work better when making calls”.

“5 Stars, Very Good by Jessica…I really like these headphones. They fit very well in my small ears. Also when I used them for phone calls the sound was crisp and clear and anyone I talked to said they could hear me fine. They came with 3 extra pairs of rubber ear phone tips that were really helpful.”

“5 Stars, Would Recommend by Craig T….No complaints so far. They connected to my iPhone 7 easily and are actually very loud. I like the iPhone style of earbuds so these fit similar and are comfortable. They have three different sizes to swap out for the earbud part, which does help. They also stay in well while running.”

“5 Stars, Sound Quality is just Wow by Amazon Customer…..Wow, where to start. These were given to me as a gift. Firstly, I love the sound quality. My playlist sounds great. Secondly, the fit – perfect. They are so comfortable and never fall out during my workouts. Which is usually a major issue for me….these are probably the most comfortable headphones I have tried.”

“5 Stars, These are a nice set of Bluetooth Headphones by Robert….The overall dynamics of the sound to me is 5 stars. These are very easy to pair and the controls are larger than all my other ones, something that like very much, for when a call is coming in I don’t have to fumble around feeling for the button, it’s right there, and the Bluetooth phone works great. These seem to have a better connection than the others when I move through the rooms of my house and I can wear them for an extended amount of time without my ears starting to hurt, this is very important if you like listening to music for an extended amount of time.”

Sofia White, Head of Customer Care at Just Active, commented, “It really is fantastic to get this wonderful feedback from our customers.  It is our mission to delight customers with our service and our products. We have invested a lot of time and effort in developing the right pair of earbuds that will suit our customers and compliment their preferences and lifestyles.  These wireless earbuds are just perfect for running, cycling or for any type of exercise.  They are suitable for men, women and can even be worn by kids as we include a small size earpiece.  Best of all we are offering some amazing discounts on amazon right now so you can get these earbuds for around $39.99.  This is an absolute steal when compared to other similar high-end earbuds.  But please do hurry as these limited time discounts are only available whilst stocks last, after which normal pricing will resume.”

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