Commercial dispute between ZTE (Myanmar) and sub contractor

ZTE Myanmar Co., Ltd , one subsidiary of ZTE Cooperation, has been standing in Myanmar and other country for 10 years, and serving Myanmar telecom operators MPT-KSGM, Ooreedoo, etc. Tianbo Myanmar is the subcontractor and has a long-term cooperation with ZTE. Since beginning of this year, ZTE Myanmar has delayed engineering service payment: over US$ 1 million, to Tianbo Myanmar . For that delay, no excuses was occurred. It is told that the total overdue payment amount touched to US$ 60 million that ZTE has owed to Tianbo globally. Not only Tianbo President visited to ZTE in person and stayed in ZTE Shenzhen office to address this issue until it’s properly closed, but also Myanmar staff of Tianbo has gone to ZTE Myanmar office for many times to complain but in vain, as ZTE has reasons to dodge and deceive them every time. It makes the subcontractor and its staff more and more furious.

On 3 October, one Myanmar staff of Tianbo, facing difficulty in hospital expenses for his parents and school fees for his children, went to ZTE Myanmar office @ MMB Tower, and asked for the overdue payment with the use of prepared flag . He complained in tears and despair. That scene was captured as below.

This scence attracted a large number of audiences. However, instead of being pacified by ZTE managers, he was forced him out by building security. Since then, ZTE office enforced its security in order to avoid any entrance of unauthorized persons.

On 31 October, almost one month after complains in vain, employees of Tianbo Myanmar again showed ZTE’s deeds to public in front of MPT building, by waving a flag, with the hope that this activity can pressure ZTE through its main customer MPT-KSGM.

Below was the scene captured:

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