Seattle Pest control dissclosures for landlord or building owner has not addressed a bed bug infestation

“When beg bugs are found in one apartment unit, it is considered standard practice in the pest control industry to inspect all apartments surrounding the infested apartment. If no bed bugs are found, surrounding apartments do not necessarily need to be tr”
Bed bugs are occasionally introduced into an apartment via luggage that has become infested from a hotel or hostel. In apartment complexes, it is probably more common for bed bugs to enter a home from a nearby infested apartment, during moving, or through picking up used or recycled furniture or mattresses. Once introduced into an apartment building, bed bugs can readily spread from one infested unit to another.How much should be disclosed when a building is rented

It’s a very common belief that bedbugs are typically known as beinghousehold pests. However, the pesky pests can get a ride to the office.It’s important to keep in mind that bedbugs can go wherever humans go. Notjust homes but offices, grocery stores, hospitals, clinics, airports,hotels and the list goes on. Bedbug infestation extermination has increasedas reported in 2015 for Seattle offices. It’s mind boggling to think of,for example, the Columbian Tower in downtown Seattle having a bedbugproblem. There are so many businesses with many employees who are in thatbuilding on a daily business. Imagine having to service all 72 floors tobust out the infestation. All the bedbugs have to do us travel throughelectrical sockets that are shared between offices. The pest controlcompany would need to shut everything down for a few days. This would bestressful, cause panic and anxiety and loss of workdays for many. Not tomention the possible financial loss.

It’s important to know how to identify bedbugs:

Grown bedbugs are reddish brown flat and have no wings.The pests are fastrunners, oval shaped and about 4-5 mm in length. After eating, the bedbugs,will swell up and become bright red after the blood meal. Adults cansurvive up to 1 year and feed every 5 to 10 days. Eggs aren’t easily seenbecause of being off white colored and are very tiny. It’s so easy nowadaysjust to go online to pull up a photo of anything. Be aware of what bedbugslook like because the workplace is not exempt from any type of pestinfestations.

Exterminators Explains how it happens, bedbugs in the office for crying out loud:

An example of how simple it is for bedbugs to infiltrate an office buildingwould be the human travelers. A family went on the annual 3 week vacationand visited 3 different cities. But never realized that the souvenirsbrought back included the pesky pests. Bedbugs hopped a ride on all piecesof luggage, garments bags and backpacks. As a result the home had becomeInfested. Just know that wherever the travelers were the bedbugs were sureto follow. So that’s how the critters got to the office.

pest control prevention measures are there for bedbug infestations at work:

It should be a natural part of any Maintenance office crew to regularlycheck all areas of business for indications of bed bugs infestations atwork. By keeping an eye on office furniture and even the infamous cubiesthat are upholstered for telltale brownish or reddish spots. Beware thatthese pests are known to inhabit electrical sockets, surge protectors andbehind picture frames. All of which are found in offices. All employeesshould be aware of the surroundings.De-clutter as best and often as possible. Make storage areas a must forinspections because this provides excellent hiding spots for bed bugs inthe office. Unpacking new inventory or receiving shipments means checkingitems carefully to prevent bed bugs from getting into the office.Encourageemployees to report suspicions of bed bug activity immediately.

The service that understands extermination and control of bed bugs

The Eastside pest control company choice was AMPM Exterminators. Theprofessional exterminator identified the bed bugs and made recommendationsfor eliminating the problem. Bedbug treatments are very intense and theextermination would have to be done thoroughly and completely. There arenumerous situations where after the initial visit there may be a need formore treatments. Namely if a client does NOT follow the necessary steps toget the extermination service started. This would most definitely be thecase for an office building because it would be a critical job that wouldinvolve so many people and spaces. AMPM Exterminators experiencedtechnicians explained the steps to follow for preparation of the treatmentthat was going to be utilized.The service included a protocol to follow forafter treatment. The emphasis was put on the fact that it is very importantto follow these instructions precisely as directed. Not following thesteps and recommendations would result in having to start the entireelimination process all over again. The family who decided to contact apest control service to be rescued from the Bed Bug Infestation made a wisechoice in opting for AMPM Exterminators who got the job done. Ending of thestory is: Bed Bugs Found in Office and a Seattle Pest Control companyShuts It Down is a very true huge possibility. In this case it was a homebut be informed now, that bed bug infestations are real and can be found inmany many places other than a home. Who was called to save the day…..AMPMExterminators.

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