The Track & Field Scoreboard – A Kickstarter Campaign

Michael White, of Joliet, Illinois, is seeking $25,000 to launch his Track & Field Scoreboard concept by Dec. 1. With 26 days to go, two backers have pledged $20 in his pledge campaign.

“Track and field has been a special part of my life for more than 20 years,” White stated. “which has given me the insight for my project. The Track & Field Scoreboard is very unique as is the sport and Kickstarter will really assist me continuing the possibility.”

His proposed scoreboard will provide a display for coaches, fans and athletes to observe during a track and field competition.

“The Track & Field Scoreboard idea is to get the attention of all sports fans and spectators at track competition.” White stated. “Like most spectators attending any sports games or competition, the scoreboard keeps you aware of where the competition stands in points (score), how much time remains, and what competitor’s game status might be.”

Pledges can be made for any amount on the page.

“I hope to raise funds so that I may continue to work,” White said. “Once The Track & Field scoreboard is made, it will then be available for purchase. I’d hope this will increase track and field participation, attendance to track meets, and better visuals aids for coaches and track athletes during competitions.” 

White has been working with Davison Invention Company – located at 595 Alpha Dr. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – to make or manufacture the Track & Field Scoreboard. He said this sport has been his “passion” for over 20 years. “After a successful fund raiser, one particular road block I anticipate would be the unique manufacturing needed for this type of scoreboard.”

“Since 1991 when the sport of track and field was introduced to me, it has always been a passion.” White stated. “I’ve had many successful years as an athlete through junior high school, where I learned the proper technique of ‘the Fosbury Flop’ in the high jump.”

White also competed three consecutive years at the high school state championship competition in Illinois then became a Division II All American in the high jump at the ’98 NCAA competition.

“After several more successful seasons competing at the division I level at Eastern Illinois,” White said, “it was an easy transition to coaching high school athletes in sprints, jumps, and hurdles.”

Go to for more information or to make a pledge.

White extended a message of gratitude to anyone who will pledge. “Thanks so much for what you done to support this project. After your donation, it will still take time for completion. You will never be forgotten. Your names will be credited for your ultimate support in this project. I will do my best to schedule meetings and or dinners so you may know where the project is headed.” has been an online platform since 2009, allowing people to promote and raise start-up capital for their creative ideas.

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