GameSlate – Merging board games and video game into one awesome experience.

Merging board games and video game into one awesome experience.

Kevin Sturdivant of San Marcos, Texas is seeking $190,000 in pledges to market his new GameSlate concept by Dec. 1. With 28 days left in the pledge drive, no donations have been made.

“I have spent many years discovering new technologies. I am thankful that Kickstarter is here to let the dreams fly,” Sturdivant stated. “I’m also a veteran of multiple industries throughout my career from Manufacturing, Video game software, Photography and Transportation.”

Sturdivant is a recent graduate of UT at Austin with a Technology Commercialization degree and is currently working on a Ph.D. in Logistics.

The GameSlate uses a multi-touch grid to allow multiple players to interact with a 40-inch digital game board. The interactive game board responds to individual miniatures’ movement and action.

“GameSlate merges board games and video games into one awesome experience,” Sturdivant explained. “The GameSlate is unique in its simplicity. The GameSlate lies flat on any tabletop surface and displays a digital game board. Players move game pieces and tokens in the same manner as playing on a cardboard game board.  However, GameSlate amplifies the game with video interactivity.

“The GameSlate accommodates both the casual and novice gamers because our software is designed to help the newer player and challenge the expert all in the same setting. Novice gamers can play on special ‘novice’ settings that guide the new or younger players through the experience.”

The pledge drive includes six levels with rewards valued from $15 to $1,600. Rewards include gaming miniatures startup titles and more.

“The GameSlate is also able to run current mobile applications that support Windows 8 or above,” Sturdivant stated. “We will be working with mobile app companies to begin porting their apps to the GameSlate device environment.”

Potential risks include delays in software development delays, shipment, and final assembly and steps are underway to defer all problems, according to Sturdivant.

“We have mitigated the shipment problems by using Amazon for our global fulfillment purposes,” Sturdivant stated.  “It is a guaranteed service by a larger multinational that can advocate for us in any dispute. For final assembly, we will form a team of manufacturers specializing in structural assembly. We foresee no problems with the simple, but rugged construction.” 

The company has hired four programmers with staff – a total of 45 years experience in software development – to begin work on the startup titles once fully funded.

“Software development is the key to any game console launch. We will add to the staff as needed to accomplish the tasks,” Sturdivant stated.” With our experience, we feel that this risk is mitigated as well.”

He stated that GameSlate will begin with three launch titles. “However, with the use of Android emulators, such as GenyMotion or BlueStacks, players can have access to all the thousands of Android games on the market today. And the GameSlate works seamlessly with them all, just on a much larger surface area.”

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