It’s Raining Leads and Referrals – EBook Offering Advice for Sustaining Businesses with Fresh Tactics

November 8, 2016, Toronto, Ontario, Canada-“It’s Raining Leads and Referrals” is a free E-book written by Marsha Dixon. Marsha Dixon is a finance expert that helps clients with their financial problems and offers great investment advice. With her experience as a Mortgage agent with Northwood Mortgage, she has met with various clients over the years that are concerned with their businesses dying out with time. 

According to author Marsha Dixon: “In my new E-book ‘It’s Raining Leads and Referrals’ I have presented 30 unique ideas that help people revitalize their businesses and keep them going. Sustainable business development comes from various factors such as wise investment, good financial management and killer marketing strategies. I have spent a better part of my life developing these techniques to help business owners develop their businesses, and keep them up to date with the latest trends in the market.”

Moreover, her website offers various toll and trips for marketing and financing strategies as well. All these strategies are tested and come from her years’ worth of study in marketing and SEO techniques. The E-book is sure to help businesses generate some concrete sales leads.

The best part is that the E-book is available free of cost on her website and can be downloaded in a few easy steps. While most people charge for their services, Marsha believes in sharing her knowledge with anyone that wants to benefit from it, and take their business on a path to success and sustainability.

For more information, or to download the EBook, simply visit:

About Marsha Dixon

For several years, Marsha has been studying marketing and SEO.  After becoming a grandmother, she decided to enter the financial services field and use her internet marketing skills to improve her business, and help professionals. There are many tools available on her website, which are free to use.  Occasionally she even offers special offers that will help people achieve financial and business success much quicker.

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