Learning from Experience:Young Attorney Mentoring & Networking Program in Chicago

Chicago, IL – November 08 ,2016 – Young Lawyers in Chicago are taking advantage of a unique networking and skill-building opportunity provided by the Chicago Bar Association.

The Young Lawyers Section of the Chicago Bar provides new attorneys the ability to network and connect with other attorneys in their area. Through lunchtime learning sessions targeted to their specific practice area and continuing education seminars, new attorneys are able to build the skills crucial to developing and maintaining a viable legal practice. 

Guest speakers are invited to share their wisdom with the groups, including local, respected attorneys who speak in-depth about specific legal topics relevant to their practice area. These educational talks help new lawyers avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that are common amongst inexperienced attorneys. 

Mark Schondorf, Esq., a Chicago family law & divorce attorney with Hecht Schondorf, LLC., was asked to speak to one such group of Young Family Lawyers as a Family Law expert and guest of the Chicago Bar Association on October 5, 2016. The topic was Non-Marital Property: An Overview, and Business Related Issues. 

Mr. Schondorf, regarding his experience speaking to the group, says, “It was a pleasure and an honor to present to the Chicago Bar Association. We reviewed some case law that most practitioners are not aware of, that determined that some businesses which most people would assume would be non-marital, were actually marital and subject to division. Most of the attorneys were as shocked as I was when I first learned about it, and I could tell that because of this seminar, they would be able to avoid some serious malpractice traps.” 

Mr. Schondorf believes that continuing education can be the key to success for new attorneys. Once they have completed their degree and passed the bar, many young attorneys struggle with next steps. The Young Lawyer Section of the Chicago Bar Association helps to bridge the gap between graduation and finding success as an attorney.

The Chicago Bar Association’s commitment to the growth and development of young attorneys means a stronger legal foundation for Chicago, and committed legal professionals like Mr. Schondorf are what makes the program a success.

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