President Of 2020 Term To Exile Or Charge Obama And Clinton With Treason/Felonies

Clark to be President for the term 2020 pledges to either exile or charge Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton with felony treason.

Evangelist Michael Clark, will be the President for the 2020 term, as he proclaims; “I absolutely will be President, if we are all still alive.” and will either exile or charge both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton with felony treason’s  committed against the people of the United States and the Constitution of the United States.

His strongest pledge to the American people is to put God back in front of the nation and make those in the political arena accountable to law-breaking activities.

The Evangelist claims he will have more than 100 million people voting for him, (first in history), and will have TRILLIONS of dollars availed him to ensure his victory.

The pledges/promises he has made on his website will absolutely put God back in front of the nation and turn the nation back to what it used to be, including putting the once valued infrastructure back in place.

A few of his pledges include; disallowing Charitable Organizations and Government organizations to pay for abortions, (releasing culpability to others); enforcing felony theft punishments upon illegal immigrants; block all immigrants from terrorist producing/supporting nations; eliminate all child care and elder care taxes; completely do away with Obamacare and institute a 50 year health plan coverage for every US citizen which immediately gives every citizen up to $850,000.00; raise all veteran and active military personnel benefits by 25%, and much more.

Mr. Clark, with five full Facebook accounts, and many top political friends in the US and other countries declares that, “If they don’t get us all killed over the next few years, I will absolutely be the next President of this country and make, ‘In God We Trust’ and ‘Made In America’ mean something worthwhile again.

Mr. Clark has been involved in the Intelligence arena with various countries, and actually getting ‘in the thick of things’ in war zone’s over the past few years and has gathered an enormous amount of intel for those fighting against the terrorists, and has a registered IQ of 244, placing him in the top twelve highest IQ’s in the world.

He say’s he can prove without doubt of Obama and Clinton’s involvement with terrorist producing/arming nations and it is high time we put a stop to their destruction of the one, most populated Christian nation, built on Godly principles.

Mr. Clark say’s he has a future Vice-President already partnered to him by the command of the Highest Power, God. This can be become a huge matter where the majority of the population is admittedly Christian and has been fighting forces beyond their physical or spiritual means.

When asked during an interview on the 1st of November, what he believes the people want and what the nation needs to regain hope for the people, his simple reply was, “God. And He sent we twain here to make sure it becomes a reality or this nation will be destroyed over the next few years by evil people.”

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