Smart Belt The World’s Most Comfortable Belt Launched On Kickstarter

The campaign provides men with the opportunity to be one of the first people to own the most exciting belt to be launched in 2016.

Kickstarter, one of the biggest and most popular crowdfunding platforms in the world is pleased to announce in conjunction with Serge that a new exciting crowdfunding campaign has been launched. The new campaign is for the World’s most comfortable belt that is made from high-quality material and is one of the most stylish on the planet.

Since the first belt was introduced in the 17th-century men have complained about how uncomfortable belts can be. Now, thanks to Serge that problem has been solved with the introduction of the Smart Belt. The new design has looked at all the problems that traditional belts bring and improved the design by using special technology.

Serge said: “The Smart Belt is made with special technology that adapts to your needs by maintaining a predetermined tension from the moment you put it on till the moment you take it off.”

The smart belt, which is suitable for formal and informal occasions has been designed to fit all body types, allowing each body frame to wear a belt that will not cause them any discomfort. Since being designed it has gained world-wide attention with fashion designers saying there is no other belt on the market that provides a man with perfect comfort.

The campaign launched on Kickstarter ( gives fashion conscious men the opportunity to be one of the first to own the Smart Belt with an early discounted price. Once the campaign has finished, and the smart belt is available in retail outlets, the smart belt will increase in price.

“No other belt on the market combines fashion and practicality like the Smart Belt does, and by combining smart design with quality material, we’ve also managed to create a belt that will last for years to come,” said Serge

To learn more about the Smart Belt and to see it in action and to take advantage of being one of the first to own the belt, please visit

About The Smart Belt

The Smart Belt has been described as one of the most exciting fashion accessory for men, allowing them to wear a belt that provides complete comfort no matter what occasion they need it for.

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