New Adderall Alternative Supplements Help Boost Energy and Focus

New Adderall alternative supplements are a new industry that has been grown out of the popularity of prescription drugs such Adderall and Ritalin which are many times used for off label reasons to help enhance studying and to speed up overall productivity.

It is estimated that 20 percent of college students acquire Adderall or Ritalin illegally to help enhance their performance in school. Because of this fact it leaves many college students and professional business people in a tough spot because they want to get high grades in school and perform at their highest level in their jobs which are very often long grueling hours. Because of this fact Adderall alternative supplements have exploded on the scene to help people speed up their productivity without having to worry about serious health problems or legal issues.

Companies like Addrena, Addtabz, Adderllin, and Addieup offer a mix of synthetic and herbal stimulants mixed with nootropic supplements which combine to enhance energy and focus for the user ( Addrena is the leader in this industry as it is the best seller with over 20,000 bottles sold in the short it has been on the market as unlike others it is natural using herbal stimulants, natural nootropic supplements, and healthful vitamins at the highest mg per dollar sold.

Over the Counter Adderall substitute supplements continue to grow in popularity as they become an actual category of products sold on the Internet. An interesting point about OTC Adderall substitute products is the fact that they are not sold in stores like Walmart, GNC, Walgreens, and Rite Aid. The reason they are not sold in stores is not known exactly but considering that the product category involves the name of a brand name prescription stimulant it is safe to say that is the reason why.

It is important to note as nutritional supplements these products cannot treat any mental ailments such as ADHD or Depression. In order to treat these issues someone must first be diagnosed by a doctor and receive either or both medications and psychological treatments.

These supplements are only meant for adult men and women and in no way should be consumed by children of any age at any time. Recent issues with energy drinks and children show us that energizing stimulant products over the counter should be used with caution and never abused. Any OTC supplements should be taken under the advise of a doctor and should never be taken by people who have preexisting conditions without their doctors advice.

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