Thinkup Emerges As The Best Positive Mindset And Self Improvement app and Holiday Gift this Holiday Season!

ThinkUp is Challenging current generation of meditation apps like Headspace, offering a highly personalized and enhanced experience. It became the number 1 app for mindset on the app store!

November, 2016 – Precise Wellness, LLC proudly announces the launch of its positive mindset, meditation and motivation app, ThinkUp. ThinkUp allows its users  to choose positive quotes from a long list of categories (Self confidence, Body image-weight loss, Career, Health, Love and more) or choose to follow recommendations from famous coaches.

ThinkUP is designed to help its users build a strong and positive mindset in the most effective way, little wonder it emerged #1 affirmation and mindset app on the app store. Using a unique and effective approach, users can record any number of affirmations in their own voice and then listen to them along with special meditation-based music.

Studies show that listening to one-self saying positive thoughts with inspiring music right before bedtime, morning or during stretching routine  is 10X more impactful than any other solution. No wonder in such a short time ThinkUp has become the most recommended meditation & affirmation app on the store.

Catering to the need of self-improvement and self-help, ThinkUp unravels the proven technique that is practiced by psychologists, coaches as well as personal development gurus. ThinkUp also allows users to set reminders, set goals and track progress using an Apple health app!

ThinkUp gives new users a taste of capabilities for free, letting them record 4 affirmations and already start feeling what positive mindset can do for them.

“For lasting impact and real mindset transformation, one needs the premium version which allows recording of at least 15 affirmations and choosing the most inspiring music for you. The premium verson helps you maximize the full potentials of ThinkUp through creating playlists for different occasions: morning motivation or sleep relaxation and boosting self before a test or interview. Record yourself in good days and listen in dark moments will significantly shorten the healing time.” Says Irit Wald, Founder & CEO.

ThinkUp also created a simple way to gift ThinkUp to family, friends, teachers and workers. The two women founders want to enable more people to gift lasting happiness this holiday season instead of giving temporary perks. Gift of ThinkUp Premium for life is only $7.99 through November!

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ThinkUp, developed by Precise Wellness LLC, is the most reputed affirmation and meditation app that helps one to build a positive mindset.

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