Mikael Marczak Plans To Form A Startup To Automate Animal Pet Feeding Using A Mobile Apps

LOS ANGELES, CA – 11/8/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Well-known software engineer, Mikael Marczak has announced his intention to form a startup aimed at introducing automated animal feeding apps. This innovative venture eliminates the problem associated with missed feeding when pet owners are absent. By adopting the technology, users enjoy the convenience and utility of an app that takes care of dogs, cats and other domesticated animals. The innovation is ideal for busy professionals or frequent travelers who spend less time at home.

The startup provides Mikael Marczak an opportunity to use his extensive programming skills to create practical solutions to everyday problems. This latest venture is one of many programming exploits falling under Marczak’s belt. He aims to take automatic pet feeding technology to a whole new level thanks to his advanced software engineering skills.

Benefits of automated animal feeding

Whether you use a smartphone or tablet, it has never been easier to keep your pet happy and healthy. New technology gives you more control and flexibility over pet feeding as well as scheduling to achieve the much-needed balance. The mobile application sets a routine schedule when it comes to food distribution. It also offers a number of additional features that boost functionality. In turn, this gives you peace of mind when you are away from home.

The app allows you to change scheduling depending on your animal’s specific dietary requirements. You implement the changes through an intuitive interface, which is available on both desktop and mobile platforms. You can make the changes before you leave or while on the go. The application provides round-the-clock access to the feeder, which is linked via WiFi or other internet connection.

Additional features

Pet automatic feeders often come with an impressive array of additional features designed to expand utility. The app allows you to enjoy access to webcam for purposes of checking out on your animal. The feeders also boast a calling feature, which enables you to call the animal as part of regular check-ins. The integrated speaker broadcasts your voice at your home allowing the animal to respond to the calls.

Pre-recorded message are aimed at reassuring your dog or cat. This presents an opportunity to engage the pet at regular intervals. Communicating with the pet during feeding times is a sure-fire way to make it feel your presence. These complementary features make a difference when looking for a comprehensive automated pet feeding solution to suit your specific needs.

Marczak intends to create an application that caters to a wide variety of pet-owner interaction needs. He promises to offer a polished technology that offers both great user experience and flexibility. The use of an online feeder is particularly useful when you forget to change settings before departing.

Added convenience

Mikael Marczak Programmer aims to solve a common problem. With the app, you no longer need to ask neighbors, relatives or friends to help with pet feeding when you are absent. The automatic pet feeder also saves you money by eliminating the need to book your dog into a facility. Good pet feeding technology allows you to watch as your pet feeds or runs around at home. This ensures worry-free traveling.

Marczak’s planned venture draws inspiration from pet owners’ love for their animals. The programmer also realizes that many pet lovers are usually incredibly busy to keep pets fed. Also, many simply want to monitor the animal while at the mall or at work. Broadcasting live or pre-recorded messages ensures that your cat or dog does not feel lonely.

The feeder typically comes with multiple compartments designed to dispense pet food. This is a viable way to ensure that the animal receives ideal portions at regular intervals. The timers or schedules can be programmed based on few hours or 30-day routine. Advanced features allow you to set multiple feeding times per day. The feeding bowls or compartments are available in varying sizes to match diverse requirements.

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