Aberson Exhibits to Host Solo Art Exhibition “Invocationns” by award-winning Rick Stevens

Exhibit by Aberson is soon to host a solo art exhibition by award winning painter Rick Stevens, from the 10th of November. Stevens’ works primarily involve plein air and abstract compositions of picturesque landscapes.

Tulsa, OK, November 9, 2016: Leading Tulsa-based art gallery Exhibit by Aberson is pleased to announce a solo art exhibition by artist Rick Stevens. Intriguingly entitled “Invocations”, the exhibition is scheduled from November 10 to December 3 at 3524B S Peoria Avenue Tulsa, OK.

The opening reception is on 10th of this month, from 6-8 p.m.



Stevens’ upcoming exhibition features both his plein air and abstract works, merging in the signature language of his widely acknowledged paintings. Bearing the unique visual interpretation of the artist’s own universal consciousness, his works will invoke the viewer to explore the intangible aura of magical forests & mysteries.

“My work might be defined as a window opening the door to the other realms. The visual vocabulary embed in them speak of my evolution over the years through painting the natural landscape. For me, nature represents a seamless flow of shapes & energy patterns, which, more precisely, is a brilliant force. Even scientific studies (especially in physics) today have acknowledged the correspondence with mystics and my works echo all that mesmerizing mysticism of the nature around us. According to contemporary physicists, energy & matter are interchangeable and all particles and forces in nature are actually ‘one’- a part of one Unified Field. Through my paintings, I wish to experience the exploration of light, texture, color & poetics of space”, stated Stevens while speaking on his exhibition.



Son of a talented landscape painter, Rick grew up in Sparta, Michigan. Inspired by his dad’s evocative landscapes which echoed the wonder of rivers, wildlife and woods like magic, he went on to study fine arts at Grand Rapids Community College and the Kendall School of Design and Aquinas College. However, the most important lessons came from the woods themselves when, after graduation, he decided to spend his days meditating & absorbing life forces of the forest, in an isolated cabin. Further he met an Indian spiritual teacher who influenced his cultivation of yoga and meditation- and together with his study of transcendentalism; he found a way to connect to spiritual facets of nature.



“A notion of structure is relevant to me yet I do avoid the strong divisions”, he continued.



“I need a certain kind of ‘fluidity’ where you have everything smoothly flowing to the next. My works are imbibed with an all-inclusive overall light – that is self-generating & is not derived from any external source. It does not show anything as something ‘separate’ from one whole. Yes, just like you see in natural world, there is some sort of diversity in my compositions yet you will also find some defining underlying unity. I got back to plein air works after a decade long break and it feels extremely good. The southwestern landscape is just irresistibly picturesque & for me it feels like I’m dipping back to the well. I am deeply respectful to conventional approaches with landscapes but then I am also intrigued by the unexpected effects which happen spontaneously, transcending paintings to amazing mysteries.”

Exhibit by Aberson is located at 3524B S Peoria Avenue Tulsa OK 74105

For more information, visit www.abersonexhibits.com.

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