Digabit is one of the Colorado’s top 100 companies

Denver, Coloradp., November 09, 2016 – Digabit was recently identified as one of Colorado’s Top 100 Digital Companies by Built In Colorado. The rankings are based solely on the number of local, full-time employees. With an estimated 2,100+ digitally focused firms in the state, that places Digabit in the top 5 percent of digital employers.

“Colorado IT companies are major players in our thriving economy, creating thousands of jobs in the state,” said Colorado governor John Hickenlooper. The top four companies in this year’s list employ at least 1,000 Coloradans each, with the top 100 cumulative head count surpassing 21,000, more than doubling the number of jobs from the 2014 Digital 100 list.

Digital companies contribute a great deal to Colorado’s economy, with higher than average salaries and ability to attract investments from outside the state.The tech-friendly environment, along with Colorado’s outdoor recreation opportunities, have also attracted a deep talent pool of highly educated, digital-savvy workers. These factors have made Denver one of the nation’s economic dynamos, with an unemployment rate nearly two points below the national average.

“I was excited when Digabit broke into the Digital 100 in 2015,” says Digabit CEO and Colorado native Alan Sage. “This recognition validates our company vision, and my original goal to create a thriving business that creates jobs and helps drive Colorado’s business growth. I’m even more excited about the next year and moving Digabit higher up on the list in 2017.”

For additional information, visit www.digabit.com or contact by email at sales@digabit.com or via phone at 303.957.2822.

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About Digabit, Inc.

Documoto by Digabit was created in 2010 after a meeting with an equipment manufacturer executive who was frustrated by the difficulties of maintaining, updating, and distributing thousands of pages of support documentation. Documoto is the solution to that problem. It is a full-service parts catalog publishing suite, an after-sale Cloud Library, and Cloud Storefront for manufacturers. Documoto will save you time and make you money — it’s the way the manufacturing world is going.


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