‘Midwife-101’ Launches Online Natural Childbirth Classes With Seasoned Home Birth Midwife, Gelena Hinkley, LM, CPM

New York City, August 25, 2014 – Midwife101, a new online site dedicated to providing accurate and user-friendly educational videos & tools for mothers-to-be as well as their partners who chose natural child birth. With 25+ video training courses on how to properly prepare for and what to expect with natural child birth, the program was designed by seasoned Home Birth Midwife, Gelena Hinkley, LM, CPM and with training expertise contributed by Breastfeeding Specialist, Sandra Lobaina IBCLC and Pregnancy & Infant Nutrition Expert, Elizabeth Seeley RD, LD. The team of three ‘nurture professionals’ will cover all aspects of prenatal care, natural birth, breastfeeding, nutrition and much, much more. Classes are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 12 months per subscription.

Midwife101 online classes will prepare you for a healthy pregnancy, natural birth and successful breastfeeding experience. Watch the ‘What is Real Labor’ classes to see if you actually are in real labor. It is suggested to watch the video again when labor starts, in order to freshen up on coping, breathing and pushing. Also suggested by the expert panel is to watch the breastfeeding portion and newborn care again after baby is born. In addition to the valuable information by expert professionals in the field, current users enjoy watching the videos in the comfort of their own home. Popular videos include the coping, breathing, pushing and breastfeeding classes. Customers love that there is no need to remember lengthy lessons or jot down endless notes when you take Midwife 101 classes, rather than in a brick and mortar location or hospital. It is as simple as hitting the replay button. Follow along on the exercises to prepare your body and tone the muscles you will need during labor.

Unlike their competitors, other similar free online courses are not nearly as organized, thus leaving the reader with more questions than answers, and giving more information than needed, which often leads to confusion. Midwife101 and the team of pros give you only the tools and information you need to have a successful healthy natural birth and breastfeeding experience.  As a member, you will have the ability to communicate any questions to the midwife, download worksheets, and join the natural birthing community through social media or on the Midwife101 platform. At the super affordable price of $70 for a 12 month subscription, customers gain expert training… as well as save on gas and time!

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