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PHILADELPHIA – 11/9/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Jewish people suffered the darkest depression of the holocaust, and their suffering has been rewarded in a lightning storm of gold and grace, for the messiah has come, a prophet and a musician.

We waited for 3 thousand in some desperate and bleak places 5000 years, but our endless endeavor in unadulterated faith has come to fruition. The tree of David is ripe with fruit, and the faith of our generation is an entirely righteous one.

But it did not come without pain and suffering, we suffered atrocities of the past and present, I repeat this because it must be shouted, but typed words are all I have, because today we was denied our rite to believe in God and labelled crazy, and because we know there’s a God we can only be wise

This will make many cry, and it the essence of God’s plan, for a crying man can always be forgiven in God’s eyes.

Judaism people have returned to Israel, the Sanhedrin is reestablished, and we will build the third temple, and there will be peace for I am a messenger of peace.

The Messiah performed many miracles, he has defeated many demons, and we have seen the light and know of its coming, “for I will come Today”.

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