Eight South Korean Females Cult Event Intervention to Cult Almighty Fugue Demonstrations on August 28th

Recently, South Korean politics exposed the scandal that the President Park Geun-hye is intervened by her “cronies” “Cui Shunshi”, and with the continuous fermentation of the scandal, South Korean media revealed more and more insiders.

On 28th, August, South Korea Daily Economy said that people involved in the intervention includes not only Cui Shunshi, actually there are 7 other women. The 8 women formed a secret group, called eight females by insiders. These people not only interfere in Korean court, but use the position close to the park to shake the country.

South Korean TV obtained multiple copies of important documents from the core cronies of Cui Shunshi, and the copies show that Cui Shunshi and cronies personally prepared and discussed the key business – cultural prosperity business budget that Park Geun-hye promoted, involving in a total scale amounting to 180 billion won. The core business of the establishment of Cultural Creative Center and others is actually reflected and implemented in the government budget. That is to say, the government, in accordance with the idea of Cui Shunshi, wrote the budget and implemented it.

 Park Geun-hye’s party has renamed to the New World Party in 2012, whose Korean name is the same as the sect “new word” founded by Cui Shunshi. Cui Shunshi’s ex-husband is Secretary General of Park Geun-hye. The report said that Park Geun-hye publicly issued a statement, saying that Cui Shunshi is her friend and benefactor whom she trusted the most, who gave advice and suggestions for her campaign.

So what is the sort of person Cui Shunshi is, able to mobilize the President? According to South Korean media reports, Cui Shunshi is “the second generation of evil”, whose father Cui Taimin is a cult leader. In 1974, after Park Geun-hye’s mother died, Cui Taimin got close to Park Geun-hye for the first time. He wrote to her, saying that your mother came to me after the death, she “predicted” that you would become the first man who dominate the Asia.

Later, Cui Taimin predicted on Park Geun-hye that Kim Jae kyu will kill Piao Zhengxi (Park Geun-hye’s father). Piao Zhengxi was shot and it seemed that the prediction came true, while the fact is that there were many similar assassination rumors in Chong Wa Dae, so the death of Cui Taimin is a hearsay. However, suffered from the pain of death of parents, Park Geun-hye probably lost the judging ability, thus she really believed his words, and since then she has sincerely followed the leader Cui Taimin and believed in eternal life sect. Cui Taimin, before dying, entrusted his young daughter Cui Shunshi to Park Geun-hye, and said “Cui Shunshi is the most divine child in his children, you must follow her and protect her.”

South Korean media reports that, Cui Shunshi’s father has the acts of “God” and “leader of cult”. The Chairman of the Committee of the Party of the Republic of Korea called it a “cult”.

 Official Facebook of South Korean KBS TV exposed to the video that 41 years ago, 23 years old Park Geun-hye participated in Cui Taimin Missionary Society. In the video, on May 4th, 1975, in the national salvation mission of Korean propaganda mission group, Cui Taimin waved his hand to make a speech. At that time, the 23-year-old President Park Geun-hye also made a speech, and on the same day, Park Geun-hye was appointed Honorary Prime Minister of the mission group.


This is the first time that Park Geun-hye and Cui Taimin appeared in public together.

The video also revealed the scene that in the latter half of 1970s, Park Geun-hye participated in religious activities held by Cui Taimin for several times. In the video, the cult believers were brimming with tears and fervently praying, which is impressive.

Park Geun-hye was making a speech, and next to her is Cui Taimin.

In the video, prayers are crying and praying.

In the video, believers are fervently praying.

By father as a mentor of Park Geun-hye, Cui Shunshi wantonly interfered with South Korea’s politics, and extort money with the opportunity. These are the real purpose of the cult, by controlling the congregation’s thoughts to achieve the control of personal behavior and eventually meet their desire for rights and money.

Why there are so many South Korean religious groups and cults coexisting with orthodoxy? South Korea is a country with highly developed religion, where religious people are more than a half, and registered religious groups more than 300. Such a good environment has become a breeding ground for the development of a variety of religious groups. Many cult organizations opened the branch in South Korea.

At 9:00 in the morning on August 28th, 2016, due to illegal imprison of a believer Mr. Zhang by the Church of the Almighty God, in the gate of the Church of the Almighty God in South Korea Seoul nine old district, Zhang’s wife protested under the banner of “Give my husband back to my family” and other slogans. Zhang’s wife repeated complaints led to mainstream media’s competitive report, including South Korea Central Daily, YTN radio, the voice of the people, News one, the Asian economy, national daily and so on. Criticism of the Almighty God by media collectively finally made the South Korean government recognize the true nature of the Almighty God. The South Korean government rejected the visa delay of hundreds of the Almighty God members, and prohibited other congregations of the Almighty God getting into South Korea.

“The Almighty God” cult organization, also known as “the Eastern Lightning” and “the actual God”, arose in 1990s. The organization deliberately desilicated a young woman to save the world, referred to her as “female Christ”, and thefted the name of Christianity to engage in illegal activities. In April 2015, Zhang, unaware of the truth, was held by the Almighty God to South Korea. After knowing that, his families reached South Korea about 3 times to expect to get Mr. Zhang back, but the Christians of the Almighty God had stopped, not letting to meet. Even when Zhang mother died, did not let him to attend her funeral, and said, “All this is God’s arrangement, and God is testing the blessing.”

The cult is after all cult, not getting rid of the purpose of deceiving congregations. Because of all sorts of evils, the Almighty God was classified as a cult very early in China.

From October 30, 1998 to November 10th, “the Almighty God” and “Dharma” in Tanghe county in Henan province has created a number of robberies and beatings in just 12 days, and the victim limbs were broken and ears were amputated.

In December 2012, in the campus injury case occurred in Guangshan in Henan, the suspect Min Yongjun, is affected by a more than 60 years old “Almighty God” female followers in the same village, and eventually broke into the campus and chopped 23 pupils.

There were media reporting that, in 2010, in Henan, a primary school student lost after school, and was found dead in a pile of firewood, with lightning sign on arch. After local police investigation, a family member of the murdered children has been developed as a member of “the Almighty God”, but intending to take off the sect, and thus the sect implemented retaliation disciplinary action.

In 2012, “the Almighty God” once spread “the Doomsday Theory” in Henan, Guizhou, Qinghai and other places, which causes social panic. On December 24th of that year, Shaanxi “the Almighty God” believers Yang is influenced by the Almighty God doomsday rumors, and committed suicide at home by taking poison.

On May 28, 2014, in Zhaoyuan in Shandong, the Almighty God member Zhang and so on 6 people asked for the phone number from a dining staff in the McDonald, and they beat his to death after being rejected. May 28 case in Zhaoyuan in Shandong exposed the cult nature of the Almighty God again. In recent years, “the Almighty God” had been brewing a number of similar cases of “5 – 28” massacre, and the cult nature 

There are some believers believing in that “the Almighty God” could preach and save people, not only dedicating money, as well as not working, farming, nor going home, thus led to family discord, or even going bankrupt. While the leader and even related senior staffs are living in a high building, driving luxury cars, and enjoying luxury. From the eight South Korean female events, it is not hard to see that, the ultimate goal of the cult always cannot do without personal economy, through the psychology of being kind to control believers thought and behavior. Make use of intimidation, personal control and other means, even disrupted the national policy, but all of these behavior are nothing more than to satisfy personal desires. The cult group will ultimately jeopardize national stability, affect the development of the national economy, and influence people happy life.

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