Pakistani MHT Discovery Well Crosses-over the ‘Take-off’ Phase, Enters 2nd Round-up of ‘Test-Segments’, Hailed by NPAW-2016 as the ‘Dawning Magnum-Opus’ of Scientific Era-A Monumental Triumph

MHT Novelty Breakthrough by the Pakistani Polymath Discoverer Professor Aurangzeb Al Hafi Hailed as the ‘Dawning Magnum-Opus’ of the New Scientific Era during the Bimestrial NPAW Celebrations around the Globe.

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The scientists and experts around the globe have been hailing the discovery of Magnetic Hydro Tropism (MTH)-Magneto Kinetics by the Pakistani discoverer Prof. Qadhi Aurangzeb Al-Hafi.  

The bimestrial proceedings of the 7th NPAW observance of 2016 have endorsed the innovatory landmark of MHT as the ‘Dawning Magnum-Opus’ of a new scientific era, which is set up to broaden the present knowledge-base of not only conceptual, but also investigational well as applied spheres of scientific enterprise.

The 7th annual ‘National Postdoc Appreciation Week’ (NPAW) was organized by the National Postdoctoral Association USA (NPA) from September 19-23, 2016. The NPAW-2016 was followed by a bimestrial series of observances across the continents. Concluded by the end of October, the broad-spectrum and extravagant bimestrial observances have taken place for the first time. In 2010, National Postdoc Appreciation Week was officially recognized by the U.S. House of Representatives, culminated with the passage of H.RES. 1545.

To its credit, an extravagance of 2016’s highlight of postdoc appreciations was embraced by the historic launch of the’ First Concept-Note Monograph’, unveiling the ‘Methodic Overview’ of recently discovered phenomenon of Magneto-Hydro-Tropism (MHT-Discovery) by Professor Dr. Qadhi Aurangzeb Al Hafi (the discoverer), at the higher inter-institutional forefronts of the academic ivories of the world.

The newly discovered MHT principle has proved to be a scientific milestone and has evolved to be a ‘core-concept landmark’ in applied sciences, on which the forthcoming centuries would lay the very foundations of new scientific disciplines.

“So far, the revolutionary leap forward of the groundbreaking MHT since its inception, has significantly advanced and progressively kept-on marking the unparalleled and highest inter-referential and cross-disciplinary ‘on-ground impact factor’ amidst the innovative landmarks and scientific breakthroughs of the20th as well as the 21st century”, learnt the postdoctoral academic observances of 2016.

“Despite being heavily rumored by certain quarters, who on accounts of partisan rivalry, radically opted to make it an ‘object of prey’ in its embryonic stages, the MHT is well paving its way forth to the destinies—it was destined to!”, opined like-wisely the thematic moderators of 2016’s postdoc observance. 

The conjoint observance of NPAW-2016 was coordinated by the Outreach Committees, which work to promote the mission, values, goals, and business objectives of the NPA and SAARC ASEAN Postdoctoral Academia . the outreach committees are currently led by Dr. Andrew Bankston, Dr. Faisar N.M., Dr. Bareera N.B., Lt. Col (R) Azhar Saleem and J. Alex. 

In an experiment, a couple of months ago, a Pakistani polymath and cross-disciplinary investigative scientist Prof A. Z. Al-Hafi exposed rabbits and other object testers to a high static magnetic field (SMF) at an altitude of over 4000 feet. Subsequently, it was found that the MHT investigative findings can bring about Necrotic Change in the human tissues and blood circulation. The findings also endorse the MHT magneto-kinetic impacts plausible to prevent disabilities among small children.

The experts and the scientists around the globe are now averring and asserting that the Pakistani Discovery MHT—Magneto Kinetics has triggered the Dawn of a New-Age-Climax in the scientific world over and done with the leap forward unearthing of the phenomenon of Magnetic Hydro Tropism.

The bimestrial observance also endorsed that the discovery of MHT provides schematic clues and gives answers to hosts of questions for understanding the multi-spheric phenomena of cosmo-genesis. Notwithstanding all of the propaganda campaigns that were launched by the covetous resentful turnings, the revolutionary discovery has unremittingly stepped forward and by now, there remains no doubt that the discovery by the Pakistani scientists has crossed over the ‘take-off phase’ and entered the next round of ‘test-segments’, opine the experts.

Previously, the 1st South Asian Inter-disciplinary Scientific Confab on MHT Discovery was organized in Colombo, Sri Lanka, by inter-disciplinary experts to determine MHT phenomenon impacts. Academic luminaries in relevant disciplines from around the globe attended the discussion while scientists from US, UK, Puerto Rico were linked via video-link.

It is professed that the findings of the scientific investigations will open up new vistas of knowledge and prospective avenues of MHT sciences in manifold areas of oncology, embryonic toxicology, neurophysiology, aerospace medicine, mycology, phytology, plant athology, interplanetary energy sciences.

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