“Financial Social Entertainment” Will Become a Global Phenomenon

Nowadays, more and more people around the world prefer to take Uber rather than taxi; prefer to take Airbnb homestay rather than hotels; It was incredible 10 years ago. We called it –Sharing Economy. They way it subverts the current social situation is totally different from any other innovation wave. Sharing Economy develops so fast. Airbnb has spent merely four years to achieve what Hilton Group made in nearly a century and its market valuation is more than 25 billion dollars. Uber involves in more than 300 cities,millions of passengers per day, market valued is 62.5 billion dollars.

Sharing economy is accepted by more and more people, from initial home and car sharing, to finance, catering, and education now.PWC says, global market value of sharing economy is expected to exceed 335 billion dollars in 2025. Uber and Airbnb are good examples of sharing economy. Finance, as the core of economy, will be the next trend of sharing economy, that is “sharing finance”.Sharing economy achieves extra benefits by sharing idle assets, while sharing finance issues credit assets by sharing our idle funds.Credit is currency.

As rapid progress on Internet and Big Data, global economy keeps infiltrating, combining, integrated and interconnected,which will lead to an emerging industry. Today, this kind of fusion is gradually forming a “normal”. When finance integrated with socializing and entertainment business, Financial Social Entertainment born. Development trend of prospective finance will be social, entertainment, contextualized and portable. At present, a new opportunity of the sharing economy presents itself and provides an excellent environment for the growth of “Financial Social Entertainment”. 

Currently, proactive enterprises sniffs and follows Financial Social Entertainment. For example, CAPCOM integrates stock trading with adventure games so that the players can experience the fun in stock investments; Pokemon Go launched by Niantic Labs enables the players to consume in shops via the elf. But, Financial Social Entertainment is not completely represented in terms of business model and gameplay. Discovery, a social entertainment app combined virtual and reality and launched by π Finance and π Games,is getting popular among players.

Discovery director shows that it includes treasure hiding and hunting. The hiders hide treasure ,publish tasks and get double valued treasure maps, while the hunters finish tasks in reality and get the treasure. Players complete tasks through social activities like sharing business, charity, sports, and travels, which truly enable them to transfer from the virtual scenarios to the real. More than a game, Discovery can make the world a playground for the players, inspire them to explore and change the world together, and form a new life style.Combined editable AR technology, it brings the players a new gameplay and enhances interactivity.

Sharing economy has begun to change the world and Financial Social Entertainment will become a world famous phenomenon.New socialization, new entertainment, and new finance will change the way we live.

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