FlexMOD Solutions Showcases Modular Extraction Lab at the Las Vegas MJ Business Conference

DENVER, Colorado – 11-9-2016 – As the January 1, 2017 compliance regulations come into effect, Oregon cannabis manufacturers scramble to get compliant. Incidents among licensed manufacturers have been occurring much too frequently, as a recent explosion at Higher Level Concentrates in Oregon highlights. Because of that case as well as others, the Oregon Health Authority is being rebuked by officials for not following through on inspections related to recent regulations put in place concerning the production of concentrates in the state. Many processors have gotten away with not following through on their registrations and getting inspected, but all of that is about to change. 

“In Oregon, as of  January 1, if your operation is not in compliance with state public safety regulations, working with volatile gases — butane, hexane, any of these gases that can create hydrocarbon gas — you are going to be out of business,” Dano Keys, CEO and Founder of FlexMOD Solutions, told The Marijuana Times

“We are talking about most of the licensees that have gotten away with it in past.  Now they won’t be able to. Getting by is not going to cut it anymore. They were lucky more people weren’t hurt. When an accident occurs with butane gas, it’s an indicator processors are not following protocol, and they don’t have a safe environment.

Most cannabis business owners don’t have the expertise to build an extraction room built from scratch; at least not one that is going to be compliant.

FlexMOD has developed turnkey, compliant C1D1 and CO2 Modular Extraction Laboratories that can be delivered to your facility, giving any company instant compliance.

“We offer this modular extraction lab as a turnkey solution.  The environment itself is ready to go and we offer leasing programs so someone can actually buy this lab, make payments on it, and be up and running very quickly and very cost effectively,” says Dano.

FlexMOD has experience working with officials. Their intellectual property makes the lab special. All units come with a third-party engineering peer review that says it meets the strict guidelines of a true Class 1 Division 1 environment recognized by all the states.

Dano explains why this is important, “The product works in all the states, so alongside their inspection, a company can actually take this white paper, hand a hard copy to the fire marshal, their marijuana enforcement division and their city and point out all of the different classifications that FlexMOD’s labs have been approved for.”

As a result of the recent election, the seven states coming on with medical and recreational marijuana can rest assured FlexMOD’s solutions will get them started on the right foot.

Check out the state-of-the-art 8’x10′ C1D1 FlexLab that will be on display and available for purchase at the Las Vegas Marijuana Business Conference on November 15th – 18th at the Rio Hotel and Casino. Brasilia Room Booth #1314.

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