Huajun Li, CEO Underlines Technology & Opportunity For Assets

Beijing 10.11.2016 The Chinese Finance Association’s 22nd annual meeting was recently  held in New York. During the meeting, which was well attended by leading businessmen including Weihua Ma, former Chairman of China Merchants Bank and John Chiang, the 33rd California State Treasurer,  Huajun Li, CEO presented the forum with “Opportunities in the New Economy”an in-depth discussion on the  industry’s opportunities and challenges.

Speaking on market leader Goldman Sachs, Huajun Li commented  “Goldman Sachs starts its businesses with bills, it then went on to increase its loans, foreign exchange conversions and stock consignment sales in succession”. He predicts that in pace with the industry’s increasingly mature technology and monitoring policies, there will be a new peak for bill and note assets leading toan enrichment of  financial products on a large-scale.

In recent years, along with increasing  Internet technology developments and the support of the nation’s innovation policy, the domestic bill and note industry has also seen upgrades in risk control, efficiency and market capacity presenting significant opportunities for the market. One key area will be developing and deepening the demand of the market.’s model of “Internet + Enterprise + Natural Person” eases the cost and technology bottle neck typically experienced during the process of small bill transactions. This broadens the financing channels for medium, small and micro-sized enterprises as well as encourages individual investors providing new ways to manage  their idle money. On the other hand, the financial industry as a whole needs to ensure that innovation is in line with regulations. Policies such as “The Provisional Methods of the Internet Lending Agency’s Behavior Management” and other associated  policies need the active and transparent implementation of participators’ to boost the bill and note market’s development in a normative way.

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