Legal Knock™, LLP brings solutions for legal consumers

Legal Knock™, is the premiere online marketplace to find local attorneys in most practice areas.  The Legal Knock™ App and website provide a simple way to search and hire qualified lawyers. Think UBER™ meets Yelp™ meets AVVO™. The way consumers and attorneys have traditionally connected has been changed forever. The old power structure model that favored attorneys and frustrated legal consumers is over. Legal is now simpler and cheaper.

The fact is that 1 in 5 people seek the services of an attorney every year, however, most of the people are not aware of the right steps to take in such situations. Most don’t even know where to start. Legal Knock provides an easy platform for people to find a lawyer who knows how to help their particular situation.  

Legal Knock™ can help individuals and businesses understand their legal challenges so that they can take the right measures. Finding an attorney can be very difficult at times and costs vary wildly. The Legal Knock™ App helps users find a lawyer that can save them money and effort.

Hiring an attorney using Legal Knock™ could not be easier. The user easily submits a lawyer request on the mobile App or website and then waits while local attorneys, who practice that type of law, respond to the user via chat for more information and then a price quote including payment terms.

Qualified attorneys in the area and the person requesting help both receive “push notifications” and can respond to each other. The consumer can use several tools for filtering the best lawyer for their particular situation.  

Legal Knock™ was started by a dynamic group of people having a strong association, expertise and experience in legal services. The founders have a solid and diverse background in technology, law, and marketing.

More information about Legal Knock™ can be found on their official website.

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