Furniture straps Ultimate Baby Safety: “A future with no tip-over death.”

NY, USA – 11/10/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — According to the national program ‘Anchor It’, 81% of tip-over fatalities are caused by furniture. Every two weeks, one child dies under a TV or a heavy furniture, after suffocating or suffering from head injuries. Every 15 minutes a US citizen is tipped over accidentally by a furniture.

Teebie sees this problem as their own responsibility, regarding 10 years of experience in household appliances. “Tip-over deaths are unpredictable. Yet if we understand the risk, it is predictable and preventable with heaviest duty components and proper installation.” – said Manager David Hill. “Ultimate Baby Safety furniture straps are the easiest and most economical solution to this nationwide issue.”

Aiming for a future with less to none tip-over fatality, Teebie believes Ultimate Baby Safety furniture straps are the easiest to install, cheapest to buy and strongest to hold. Straps are built from durable, heavy duty components with adjustable tether that can mount with every furniture. From wardrobes to drawers, bunk beds to cabinets, bookcases, dressers and walls, these furniture straps can fit instantly in just a few minutes, either indoor or outdoor.

Parents who constantly procrastinate household safety scheme are the ultimate customers of Ultimate Baby Safety. “There is no reason to keep forgetting to install furniture straps, if your baby’s life depends on 1 click on Amazon, a few dollars and 5 minutes of installation.” David Hill said.

Ultimate Baby Safety furniture straps are the products of conscience, diligence and meticulous hard work. Teebie guarantees their product’s safety with quake-holding power and 100% refund for any mishap. “There is no mistake in a future with no tip-over death.” –David Hill  added.

Released in 11/10/2016, Ultimate Baby Safety furniture straps are predicted to add a trustable and solid choice to the ‘Anchor It’ market.

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