USA – 11/9/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Scott Weiner has stuck below the belt.  Weiner grabbed a copyrighted image by LGBT photographer Gareth Gooch of performance artist Barbara Liu-McDowell dressed as Mayor Ed Lee with Jane Kim doing the “Fans of Ed Lee’s mustache” at Jane Kim’s political meet and greet without permission.  Obviously Weiner did not attend this event.  Weiner then digitally laundered this image that appeared on Facebook from his friendemies through WeiDB/com omitting the tag “Fans of Ed Lee’s mustache.”  It received negative comments out of context and ended up on the front page of the Sing Tao Daily, the Chinese language newspaper.  Weiner left digital evidence that the image had been altered that a few queens clocked.  Some of the characters in the upper left corner have disappeared as seen in the mailer of the alleged cover of the Sing Tao Daily.  Weiner incited racial distrust and hating with the lie that “Jane Kim does not respect our community.”  Nothing could be further from the truth” says first hand witness, Ed Lee impersonator Barbara Liu-McDowell about progressive candidate Jane Kim. ” I am horrified at the disrespect Weiner has shown to me, the photographer and our community by grabbing my image without permission, then using it tell a lie of disrespect, that incites racial hatred.  It’s deplorable.  I just went to a party dressed like Ed Lee to add some fun to the political theme.  Jane & I were just having fun. There was no disrespect.  Now if people believe this mailer with my image on it, it could cost Jane the voting difference as this race is so close.  I must get the truth out.

Weiner coverage.  It’s Weiner’s theme.  Flash news: I must expose this Weiner.  Inciting racial hatred with a lie with my face on it is not OK.  It goes beyond disrespect.


Barbara Liu-McDowell

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