Airwheel E3 Smart Backpack Electric Bike can be the best 2-wheel Lover

E-bike is not a novel word in recent years. With the development of technology, many companies have revealed its own e-bike to attract customers. Airwheel also have revealed E3 backpack electric bicycle in this trend.

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Always, it seems as if finding an e-bike that is small enough to be portable and light weight enough to be carried around was unachievable. Airwheel E3 electric folding bike is the one that comes in.

Airwheel E3 electric folding bike

Foldable bikes have always been flexible-featured for bikers. But most foldable bikes end up being far too inconvenient to ever use in a city. They are often too difficult to ride, and too big or heavy to carry around. Here is Airwheel E3 to help you to cope with these problems. As described in the title, Airwheel E3 is a backpack electric bicycle. Tackle the rugged outdoors with E3 folding backpack bicycles. When riders need to climb up a hill, simply fold the bicycle up into an easy to carry backpack and when riders are ready to descend back down, just fold it and roll down with this unique folding biking.

E3 is lightweight with only 12.5kg and can be easily folded to the size 400*353*472mm to fit inside the backpack. The reason why Airwheel E3 electric folding e bike can realize this foldable function to small space and make it completely portable is that it adopts an entirely new bike design. The frame of E3 is built around circles instead of lines. E3 is made from magnesium-aluminum alloy and LEXAN resin to ensure the extremely light weight and duality. Lightweight allows it to be actually carried around. It also saves space by combing the function of the seat with carrying case. Riders can carry by lifting the seat easily.

Different from traditional bike, E3 smart e bike is actually without any chain. You may say that if you run out of battery you’re pretty out of luck. That’s not true. E3 is built with 300W powerful hub motor. 247.9Wh battery capacity can guarantee enough power for the traveling. Overall, E3 is pretty clever design for urban commuters. It would be perfect for getting around between public transports, or just for those exhausting days when walking home seems like an unachievable feat.

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