Sir Mix-a-lot, Macklemore, Now Dickie Delaine; Seattle Rapper Releases New EP

SEATTLE, WA – 11/11/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — The musical hybrid known as Dickie Delaine releases a new EP on November 11, 2016 called The Dragonfly.  It contains seven new tracks including one comparing Jesus to other superheros (“Jesusman” and an exceptional story song (“Spittin While She Strippin”) where Dickie is at a strip club where he ends up stripping because he thinks he’s hotter than the stripper.  Other songs on the EP address gun violence (“Peace Be With You”), braggadocio (“The Dragonfly”), and St. Paul (“Fight The Good Fight”).

This is Dickie Delain’s second EP with his first Touching The Sky being released in 2013.  The genre crusher – he combines rap, rock, and RnB – hails from Seattle but has spent much time in Los Angeles attending classes at the Musician’s Institute and playing shows.  Both of his EPs have a spirtual side to them because he grew up agnostic but discovered God through reading the Bible cover to cover and experiencing divine revelations.  Dickie has also been compared to Prince and George Michael in that he plays all the instruments on his songs and produces as well.

The EP will be available worldwide through CD Baby as of Nov 11th and the first music video promoting the EP called “The Dragonfly” can be seen on YouTube.  His crowdfunding for the second music video of the EP “Jesusman” has raised $490 so far on Dickie’s GoFundMe page (  You can catch him at his upcoming show at Los Globos on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles this Saturday, November 12th as he embarks on a regional tour to promote the EP.

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