Sheralee Snow’s book “We Believe-The Precious One Is Coming Back” talks about the long awaited End Time

The brilliant author, Sheralee Snow, is pleased to announce her newest book titled “We Believe-The Precious One Is Coming Back! A book that talks about how God will finally end man’s governance over the earth sending the Precious One to destroy and contain evil and the devilish side of man with a permanent seal of closure. Anybody that desires peacefulness MUST buy and read this heart-warming book.

The road to the End Times has been a long destructive snake-like path. As generations after generations have witnessed bloodshed, many find themselves heartbroken, but the Believers are still praying, believing, and crying knowing that God will respond. Hope, faith and love have sustained their painful hearts. God has answered all the prayers and dried all the tears signaling that salvation is near. The light is coming and will never be extinguished or blown out as the Precious One returns to complete his mission. This is what “We Believe-The Precious One Is Coming Back” wants people to know.

 “We need to Love One Another to receive the second comforter for our lives to be saved. They need to pass the prerequisites courses. The course with the highest failure rate is “Love One Another 101”. Evil is spreading its smelly vapor as people forget that God had the plan to end this evil world.” Sheralee Snow said.

Sheralee Snow’s book “We Believe-The Precious One Is Coming Back” is more than a book. If either one read this book beginning from the front to back, or maybe one just turn to any page and started reading from there, it does not matter; the message in this book will touch the depth of one’s heart in several ways. One must buy this book to experience the divine wisdom in it as words cannot describe the wonders and beauty of this book! People can buy this book and give it to people that you love. This wonderful spiritual book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles for people that will like to have a copy.

About the author

Sheralee Snow graduated from California State University of Sacramento where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She received her MBA from Golden Gate University, in San Francisco, California. A native of Sacramento, California, she has settled in Atlanta, Georgia. At a young age, Sheralee developed a passion for the doctrine of the Precious One’s return. Although the object of her mission wasn’t new to her, in God’s time, it became fully known. She was motivated to write this book series, and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the first phase of the goal has been achieved. For further information, please go to

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