Coffee Crisis for the Sega Genesis – Metal, Aliens & Awesome

A company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is making new games for the original Nintendo and Sega Genesis today, in 2016.  In a world of PS4 and Xbone smart devices, they’re serving a market of dedicated retro enthusiasts and nostalgic players alike.  Mega CatStudios is trying to  raise $10,000 in starting funds to develop and market his new game concept, Coffee Crisis. With 22 days to go, just over $2,00 has been raised from 23 backers.  

“MCS breathes new life into old video game consoles with artisanal, exclusive projects you won’t find anywhere else,” Andrew stated. “From the original Nintendo to Virtual Reality ports, we’re bringing our fans the games they want.”

Mega Cat Studios is centering its business on retro style games from the ‘80s & ‘90s, and Coffee Crisis is slated to be the first release for Genesis this year. As production grows, other games will be developed.

“Every game we release has meticulous attention to detail,” according to Nick Mann, one of the MCS collaborators. “Brand new custom PCB boards and cartridge shells, professionally printed and bound manuals, and boxes featuring artwork our team pours themselves into to bring the physical product to life.”

 “Mega Cat Studios has support and interest from a wide network of retro studios, local businesses and citizens,” Zack Manko said, “and the gaming culture at large, and the devotees of Black Forge Coffee House are legion, but forecasting is never an exact science. If Coffee Crisis falls short of projections, you will be updated and we will correct our course as quickly as possible.”

One of MCS’s goals is to create more retro-style games, emulating some of the old game systems and their graphics and playing style, such as Sega Genesis.

“Coffee Crisis is the first major release from Mega Cat Studios for the Sega Genesis, a game company that is the result of a hobbyist effort of retro enthusiasts and developers from across the globe,” Deighan stated. “Coffee Crisis is nearing completion, and the screenshots here represent actual gameplay footage and assets. All Mega Cat soldiers are amped up on DEMON blend coffee to make sure that everything goes according to plan. We have our own PCB boards, cartridge shells in-hand, and a game that runs in beautiful, 16-bit.”

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