Airwheel E6 Intelligent folding Electric Bike- Enjoying Riding to the Full

Excellent in applicability, quality, comfort and safety, Airwheel E6 intelligent e bike is a wonderful transport device, which can let you fully enjoy riding.

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Excellent in design, Airwheel E6 intelligent e bike has taken applicability, quality, comfort and safety into consideration. With such a wonderful e bike, you can surely enjoy riding to the full.

Airwheel E6 intelligent e bike

Light and foldable, Airwheel E6 smart e bike has a wide applicability. The frame of E6 is made of aluminum alloy, light and strong, so that it can bear a maximum load of 100kg though it’s only about 14.15kg. Therefore, you can easily carry it, waving goodbye to clumsiness. More noticeably, E6 is foldable. For its patented frame is of X-shaped design, so it can be easily folded at the crossing. And its handlebars, saddle and pedals are all foldable, making E6 very compact when folded. So mini in shape, E6 has the incomparable advantage to other e bikes. It can be easily put into car trunk, bus and subway, enabling you to change to other means of transportation and letting you enjoy great convenience. 

Airwheel E6 foldable electric bike

Selecting superior materials, Airwheel E6 folding e bike is high-quality. For e bike, battery and motor are of core importance. The battery used by E6 e bike is car-level Li-ion battery set, offering sufficient power supply. And the motor chosen by E6 is 300W powerful customized high performance hub motor, which provides powerful and stable force. With these superb materials, E6 ensures you a quality ride.  

Airwheel E6

Valuing user experience, Airwheel E6 foldable electric bike offers a comfortable and safe ride. In accord with Ergonomics, the saddle of E6 is of left-right design, which ensures balanced force and good ventilation, so that you can have a comfortable ride even in long time riding. What’s more, with dual damping system, E6 can adapt to various road conditions and provide a comfortable riding experience. Just as important, E6 e bike guarantees a safe ride. With its intelligent EBS system, E6 is very agile in emergency braking. And equipped with a headlight, E6 e bike lets you ride safely at night.

To sum up, Airwheel E6 intelligent e bike is competent to be your ideal e-bike.

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