Pest control gets to the source of the roaches in the downtown seattle area restaurants

“Fighting pests like roaches is a team effort and one that requires clear policies and cooperation among restaurant team members. Restaurants and the hospitality industry in general is often highly attractive to roaches and only more so when team behaviors”
Cockroaches that infest buildings require a relatively warm and moist environment. Besides a place to live these pests need to find food and water. Almost any food can attract and support these scavengers, and infestations can grow very quickly. While roaches do not cause structural damage their presence often indicates unsanitary conditions that may be unhealthy. There are also concerns about them directly causing allergic reactions and spreading disease by contaminating food.

Cockroach population will easily grow into the hundreds and thousands if not controlled. Although the use of over the spray counter pesticides can bring a small relief to homeowners as they eliminate roaches that they see, this will not guarantee a full remedy. For instance, the German cockroach population has developed a multi-chemical resistance, which makes pesticides less effective. Different species of cockroach can be very different on where they like to live, what they eat, and how they populate, which makes identifying the cockroach species important in order to control them. Thus, it is necessary to leave cockroach control in the hands of the experts.

It is true that downtown Seattle has a Cockroach problem.The creepy creepers target homes and businesses to make new homes. Commercial businesses, food warehouses, apartments and restaurants are some of the favorites. A Seattle restaurateur, after a long day’s work decided to get a late night snack before going home. After turning on the kitchen lights cockroaches went running wild in all directions. The first thought was to find a pesticide spray but realized that would not be not be an effectivesolution. There were far too many of the nasty pests. The owner was so stressed out by this time but knew that the cockroaches needed to be positively identified. Think about it, how many of us know the different types of cockroaches.

From pest control inspections most common Cockroaches in Seattle are:

The restaurant owner had fled the kitchen area and shut off the lights. But the kitchen door leading out into the dining room had a gap at bottom. So the cockroaches being sneaky creatures were able to scurry into the dining room area. Now the fun begins, the entire establishment will be affected by the cockroach invasion. The proprietor has had it and is nearing to a decision to call a Seattle pest eliminator to exterminate the cockroaches.

Roach Exterminators – Cockroach Removal‎ services

The German Cockroach is most common in Seattle and is creepy, ugly and menacing. A few of the favorite places for cockroaches to live and hide in are cracks and crevices. Cockroaches move quickly and will come out at night to find food and stress people out and terrorize. It’s crucial to remember that cockroaches can and do transmit diseases. The pests willcontaminate all food with feces, saliva, urine that can spread differentdiseases. Watch out because salmonella will cause food poisoning. Peoplehave been known to have severe allergic reactions to the bugs. The owner is really fed up and started the search for a Pest Exterminator, this huge problem was way too big to try to eliminate alone.

German cockroaches Restaurant pest control procedure

German cockroaches aren’t choosy as to where to live once inside the restaurant. Favorite sites would be places that are humid like kitchens and bathrooms. Before leaving the kitchen the owner did notice little gangs around the refrigerator. It’s probable that the nasty pests could be found around the freezer, dishwasher, stove and other appliances. Cracks and crevices work perfectly and especially if close to sources of food and water. Yep, the list was growing of the findings of the search for where the cockroaches were.

Importance of pest control in restaurants

Cockroaches aren’t picky eaters. It will eat all types of food all jokes aside, glue and toothpaste. Think about it, a restaurant is truly a buffet heaven for the little creeps. The biggest and most important thing to do in getting this cockroach infestation under control was to clean and sanitize the entire kitchen and food pantry. This was to be done quickly and thoroughly. A call was made to AMPM Exterminators for professional cockroach elimination service.The emailed information and cockroach pictures were received by AMPM Exterminators and it was confirmed that the owner did have German Cockroaches all cozy in the restaurant. During the call the technician at AMPM Exterminators went over the detail-oriented pest control efforts list that included steps to follow and that elimination of cockroach infestations could require more than one visit.The owner felt assured that AMPM Exterminators’ a pest control company that has a high success rate in elimination of cockroaches because of taking pride in doing a thorough job the first time around.

AMPM Exterminators has been performing cockroach extermination services for cockroach infestation since its inception. From downtown Seattle to the outlying areas and counties. The decision to hire AMPM Exterminators was the best choice. No more German Cockroaches running wild in the Seattle restaurant. The owner was so grateful because now the employees could becomfortable and go into the kitchen without being scared and freaked out. The AMPM Exterminators technician also shared prevention tips for keeping the nasty pests at bay. Some of the suggestions would be to keep the entire restaurant clean. Take out the garbage all throughout the day and night. Making sure to tie up the garbage bags. The outside garbage can should havea lid that seals shut and when using bins put the top down securely. A huge mistake made in this type of business are dirty kitchens and overloaded garbage cans/bins. This is also a big invitation to other pests such as rats to come looking for a home. Do not leave uncovered food out and wipe down all of the counters and tables. Cockroaches love spilled liquids like soda, juice and water. Keep the floors swept and be aware of any new cracks or crevices that are not filled. Don’t forget to pull appliances out from the wall to clean floors. Clean and sanitize are the two keywords to remember.

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