No Win No Fee Litigation Funding for Individuals, Businesses and Solicitors

Claims Funding are a revolutionary business offering no win no fee litigation funding for individuals, businesses, and solicitors. Their funding solutions are designed to strengthen claims applications by providing funding. This funding can be used to pay for things like legal fees, disbursements, experts, consultants, witnesses, and special barristers. You can also use the funding solutions to pay for medical treatments, rehabilitation costs, and personal expenses while your claims process is ongoing.

More About Claims Funding

Claims Funding do not require monthly repayments from you. The fees are only repaid once your claim has been settled and your compensation has been recovered. If your claim is unsuccessful, there is no repayment of the funding.

How They Can Help You

Claims Funding’s services are aimed towards individuals, businesses and solicitors. They primarily revolve around personal injury and commercial disputes. However, funding can be used for additional claims, for instance, divorce proceedings. Funding is available from £1000 – £250,000, however, more may be secured on a case by case basis. Their process is simple, and as follows:

– Get in touch.

– Complete claims application.

– Application reviewed.

– If approved, funds are advanced.

– Funds repaid once claim is won, and only then.


Benefits Of Working With Claims Funding

You are able to use a revolutionary new service that gives individuals and businesses access to funding that could potentially strengthen their case, as well as give immediate access to things like rehabilitation and medical attention where injuries have been sustained. The service is designed to help people in their time of need. Benefits are outlined as follows:

– Personal injuries and commercial claims can be assisted.

– Pursue claims you may not have been able to afford otherwise.

– Finances immediately available allowing you to pursue long term recovery.

– All funding is non-recourse (no win no fee).

– Find best healthcare consultants and devices to assist with recovery.

– Rapid loan approval processes.

– High quality, professional service.

– Fixed interest rates for more clarity on what you will repay.

No win no fee litigation funding is extremely beneficial to all kinds of people and situations. Whether you’re an individual, a business, or a solicitor, this kind of funding could completely turn things around for you.

If you’d like more information, you can use the website to fill in a contact form, or use the following details.

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Company Name: Claims Funding UK
Contact Person: Sam Shiraz
Phone: 0151-6013477
Country: United Kingdom