Westwood Residences Welcomes Tenants to a New Way of Life

Singapore – Preparing to open its doors in 2017, Westwood Residences hopes to build a residential development like no other. The real gist of what they hope to accomplish is quite simple; it’s the steps they’ve put into place to achieve that goal that begin to become a little overwhelming. Westwood residences intends to combine the best of every living experience into one, ultimately convenient and healthy lifestyle. As Singapore becomes busier and busier, the desire for this type of neighborhood becomes increasingly apparent.

Right now, there exists no shortage of places to sift through if you’re looking for permanent housing in Singapore. Unfortunately, just because there’s a wide variety to look through, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to find one you actually like. There are a lot of elements which combine that all go into finding the perfect, house, loft, or apartment. Finding only one is lucky, but finding multiple is nearly impossible. Westwood Residences EC doesn’t think that should be the case.

Westwood EC will be the home to all sorts of new technologies and amenities that strive to make the living situation there coherent and tranquil. Under development by the prestigious Koh Brothers Group and Heeton Holdings, the entire complex is being erected in District 22 near the Jurong Lake District. There are a wide range of activities available for its residents: water activities, sprawling bicycle trailers, and an exclusive gym. The end goal is to allow an easily-accessible healthy lifestyle, and to promote a way of living that encourages effective methods of keeping your heart in its best possible shape.

Being healthy is vital to living a productive life, for certain. It’s actually only one aspect of living responsibly in the 21st century. Focusing less on the stress that comes with the adoption of much modern technology is a guaranteed way to begin to enjoy your life more efficiently. To do this, Westwood Residences offers gorgeous, unobstructed views with complete lighting in every single unit. Complete with a full height glass façade that allows the light to always stream in unfettered.

Home to the Pioneer MRT Station, the Boon Lay MRT Station, and located within a short cycling distance of several schools and colleges, Westwood Residences is on the road to redefine convenience. Though still in development, the initial response to the rising complex seems to be consistently positive and anticipatory. Just how quickly the housing units will fill remains to be seen, but it seems unlikely that the people who do move in won’t be impressed.

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