extraktLAB: Releases White Paper on Extraction Potency

ST. CROIX FALLS, WI – 11/12/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Within the extraktLAB portfolio are extraction technologies and services that enable our customers to produce extracted oils roughly 50% faster than traditional processes. Not only does the process work faster, the resultant oils are of high potency and quality. As described in a recently released white paper, the extraktLAB team surveyed five random samples over a sixty-day period and found that raw oil produced by our methods resulted in an average total cannabinoid potency of 77%. These runs were completed on the Extrakt-110plus machine. This machine is unique in its ability to produce an average amount of 150 grams of oil per hour.

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extraktLAB Methods

Extraction is a process, not just a machine,” comments Dr. Jon Thompson, founder and president of United Science, LLC, the provider of extraktLAB products and services. “We started our adventure in the cannabis market space as the result of our work with major medical marijuana producers in the Midwest and Eastern United States,” he continues. “From this work, we launched the extraktLAB line of products and services. We realized that helping customers walk through all phases of the extraction process provided them with knowledge and insights we had gained through hard-won experience. We found ourselves in the unique position to be more than just a hardware company.

“As scientists and engineers we have developed methods to help our customers get to market faster. We concentrate on pre-processing steps and validation through HPLC analytics. This is all part of our standardized consulting package,” Dr. Thompson explains. “The recently released white paper documents our ability to create high-quality oils.”

About extraktLAB Products and Services

United Science, LLC., the provider of extraktLAB products and services for the cannabis industry, has reached a milestone with our first full year of business under the extraktLAB brand name. United Science provided hardware, technology and consulting services for major medical marijuana producers in the Midwest and Eastern United States prior to launching the extraktLAB brand.


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