WockyWolf: Bringing The Pram To The 21st Century

Moscow, Russia – Wocky Wolf, the most innovative pram set to hit the market, was borne out of the observations made by two friends. Oleg Andronov and Alexei Burdonov could not help but notice that contemporary moms struggled to handle their mobile devices and baby essentials while maneuvering any kind of conventional pram.

After much thought and thorough research, Mr. Andronov and Mr. Burdonov assembled a team of highly skilled specialists and formed WockyWolf. The company’s aim is to produce high-tech prams for modern parents who are looking to buy a high quality, affordable and user-friendly pram.

The WockyWolf pram is unlike any other similar product on the market, as it combines cutting-edge technological and safety features with a lucrative price point.

In addition to prioritizing the safety and comfort of the infants and toddlers riding in the WockyWolf, the company has also taken into account the needs of those in charge of pushing the pram.

An all-weather, adjustable, heated handle makes the WockyWolf ideal for parents, who can also view instant phone notifications on the handle’s built-in digital screen, through pairing their phone with the WockyWolf via Bluetooth. As it is ergonomic to use, the WockyWolf further diminishes the incidence of pushing-related back pain.

What’s more, the WockyWolf has a special recess, which is split in two compartments, providing ample storage for baby essentials, such as diapers, toys, and much more. Two designated USB slots within the recess allow parents to charge their mobile devices, or heat up their babies’ bottle. An inconspicuous battery is placed below the WockyWolf cradle, which is charged by power generators smartly incorporated in the prams’ wheels’ naves.

Above all, the WockyWolf is a comfortable, safe and secure pram for babies and toddlers. Thanks to its all-terrain rubber wheels, lightweight, yet sturdy body and special, in-cradle buckle, the WockyWolf helps parents enjoy taking a stroll with their children, instead of being wary of potential accidents, or being distracted by the need to multitask. The WockyWolf’s proprietary ShakeSystem gently rocks the baby, allowing the parents to soothe their child, hands-free.

The developers have launched an Indiegogo campaign, in an effort to generate the capital needed to move on to the pram’s production stage. The campaign has already created a social media buzz, while more press coverage of this game-changing invention is expected.

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