Prop. 57: California’s Safety & Rehabilitation Act

Iron Law Will Provide Assistance For Prop. 57 Resentencing;
Offers Resources to California Inmates.

SAN DIEGO, CA. November 12, 2016 – IRON LAW has introduced Prop. 57 Resentence Services for California Inmates who are sentenced to State Prison.

Iron Law, which provides attorney support services, has a team of talented paralegals, private investigators, and staff who are devoted to providing post-conviction assistance. They have successfully obtained sentence reductions for Prop. 47 (reducing several felonies to misdemeanors), Prop. 36 (requiring third strike to be a serious or violent felony), and SB 260 (requiring parole of juveniles sentenced to life without parole). In addition, Iron Law staff have worked along the side of practitioners to obtain judicial review in factual innocence cases.

Voters have passed Prop. 57 which added to § 32 of Article I of the California Constitution  to read:

Parole consideration: Any person convicted of a non-violent felony offense and sentenced to state prison shall be eligible for parole consideration after completing the full term for his or her primary

For purposes of this section only, the full term for the primary offense means the longest term of imprisonment imposed by the court for any offense, excluding the imposition of an enhancement, consecutive sentence, or alternative

Credit Earning: The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation shall have authority to award credits earned for good behavior and approved rehabilitative or educational

The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation shall adopt regulations in furtherance of these provisions, and the Secretary of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation shall certify that these regulations protect and enhance public safety.

This means that even if an inmate is not eligible for the early parole, they could still be eligible to earn additional sentence reducing credits against their actual sentence. This is a huge benefit for people who may have a conviction for a crime classified as a violent felony.

Iron Law, based in San Diego, California, was founded in 2011. Through it’s professional partnerships, the company facilitates inmates access to the courts. 

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