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CHANTILLY, VIRGINIA – Smart Premarket trading tools sets the tone for a profitable trading day. Through buying or selling a Dow Futures contract, those involved agree to either pay or receive the difference in value between the estimated, underlying Dow Jones Index price at the time they enter the contract and the current price of the Dow Jones Index upon the contract’s expiration. Dow Futures if traded properly can lead to manifold profits with less investment.

The Dow Futures contracts can help predict market direction, as Dow Futures are closely aligned with the Dow Jones Index in terms of value change and price movement. The trade of DJIA Futures contracts commences on the Chicago Board of Trade (CBT) at 8:20am EST, an hour before the Dow Jones begins trading on the East Coast. This way, both traders and investors can gain valuable insight and utilize the 1-hour gap to develop which strategic moves they wish to make during the day.

Scores of trading professionals have found that has helped them not only to keep track of Dow Futures movements live, but also to hone their skills in day trading. Additionally, as services include short buy/sell signal intervals, as well as accurate resistance and support levels, all free of charge, the website has become a well-known online destination among expert day traders.

Commenting on how has facilitated his trading, Mr. James Edwards, Day Trader, said that “  provides free 5/15/60 Minutes Buy/Sell Signal through their propriety algorithm, as well as Resistance & Support Levels, so that traders like me can easily trade Dow Futures & Dow Mini Futures with ease – without paying high monthly charges for these services. This alone saves me more than $300 per month”.

In addition to Dow Jones Futures, provides live coverage of world stock market indexes and signals.

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