Airwheel R5 Smart Electric Assist Bicycle, the E-bike that’s perfect for Travel and Work

In recent years, e-bikes have certainly taken off. Economical and easy to operate and maintain, riders have become interested in picking one up. There are many options available to them. Airwheel R5 electric assist bicycle should be the one that is perfect for travel and work.

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Airwheel R5 is a truly electric bicycle designed for improving stability, weight capacity and comfort over traditional two wheeled bicycles. Different from E series, Airwheel R5 electric assist bike is a novel design that is combined the traditional chain with the electric assistance. Riders can have two traveling experience in the single trip.

 R5 citizen e-bike

Equipped with 235W powerful hub motor, Airwheel R5 can offer the suitable speed with the effort of walking. With reliable Li-ion battery, you can count it on to do good whether for travel or work. For traveling, R5 electric aided bike can be a good solution. You can just ride it for a short travel like shopping or dating. The light weight and foldable body can also be suitable to the car trunk. With only three steps of quick folding, R5 can be reduced to a small space. You don’t have to worry about the trouble that it may cause during the driving. It can be safe and sound in the car trunk and be ready for your riding anytime.

Airwheel R5 city electric bike

In fact, traveling with R5 citizen e-bike can be a totally different experience. You can ride in full power-assisted mode which can be effortless and leave you to enjoy the beautiful surrounding. If you want to have a more healthy riding, you can change to pedal. Pedaling can be good for your heart health and body building. It can balance out the riders with varying fitness or abilities.

For commuting, R5 can be a good company when in the rush to go to work. Riding with power assistance can save time in the traffic jam and achieve enough speed to let you get to office on time. While getting off work, you can try the pedaling mode. In this way, you can enjoy the journey in the same time to ease the daily stress during the work. Airwheel R5 city electric bike can be a powerful vehicle and helper in your daily commute and travel.

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