Airwheel Offered C5 Intelligent Helmet To People To Get a New Riding Experience

Helmet of the future may not only have the safety purpose, but also have integrated Bluetooth, camera, communication and heads-up display. Airwheel C5 smart helmet is one of the future helmets that now being offered.

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No matter riding short or long distance, safety is important for every riding experience. Airwheel C5 is ready to improve the road safety. In cities with heavily congested traffic, people can get around much faster on a bike or motorcycle than in a car. But a rider who is not equipped with a helmet may put himself or herself at risk. Airwheel is working to make a safer and reliable helmet for cyclists. Designers in Airwheel are developing C5 as a smart helmet with Polycarbonate material as the shell surface. C5 intelligent helmet for road safety can be safe in a golden ration when the riders are weaving in and out of traffic.

C5 intelligent helmet for road safety

Riders who are fond of taking photos may have to stop to take out the cellphone or to resort to the SLRs. It is really to test the patience of the bike riders, especially if they are in an environment surrounded by beautiful scenery. Airwheel C5 smart bike helmets can be helpful in this process. High definition camera can capture every moment in the riding while the riders can focus on the riding.

Airwheel C5 Bluetooth-equipped helmet

It would seem like a natural progression from regular commuting or sports biking around town. For long-distance motorcycle travellers, having an excellent helmet can make a difference between a memorable journey and a boring haul. Airwheel C5 Bluetooth-equipped helmet can be prepared in advance for such an adventure. Airwheel C5 can play your music library from the phone. You can maintain a constant pace for extended period of time, for a safer and less exhausting ride. The feature is especially useful in fast-moving traffic, as protecting riders’ safety and providing the music. High quality speakers deliver crystal clear audio in a seamless design that built right into Airwheel C5. Advanced noise control and wind noise can maximize the functionality.

Stay connected with phones by built-in WIFI modules, Airwheel C5 helmet camera allows you to have access to the stored picture and videos to share with your friends. Airwheel C5 is the Bluetooth motorcycle half-helmet you’ve been waiting for.

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