Everything to Know About Touring with Airwheel R5 Smart City Electric Bike

Traveling with bike and electric bike, it is totally different feeling. Traveling with bike, you may feel exhausted when comes against the difficult road. You are always out of breath to catch up the speed when climbing some slopes. While traveling with Airwheel R5 city electric bike, you can both feel relaxed and delighted in the journey.

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We are always fond of traveling by bike with no traffic jam and air pollution. E-bike is novel to help liberate our lives. Traveling by Airwheel R5 electric assist bike, our senses are delighted with the natural sound of trees swaying in the breeze, wonderful scents, wind in your air and endless vistas. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re on a regular commute or a weekend tour—you’re in for the same amazing experience!

R5 electric assist bike

With hundreds of millions of e-bikes already on the road, e-bike sales are now surging in the world-especially in the countries with long cycling traditions. In some markets, electric bikes have recently been the only area of cycling growth. If you are still wandering around to select one, Airwheel R5 electric assist urban bike can be a nice choice.

electric moped bike

Airwheel R5 electric moped bike is equipped with imported Li-ion battery. You can swap your battery at home, hotels and bars. E-bike R5 tourism is regarded as a healthy and sustainable way to interact with the beautiful environment. There seems to be a bit of a divide between those who employ electric assistance and those that pedal under their own steam. Maybe some view it as cheating, while others view it as a great opportunity. Pedaling sometimes is exhausting. The electric assistance can be helper to go on the trip. With R5 you can have the same travel experience with or without a motor on the bike. The chain of R5 allows you pedal like the traditional bike to achieve the health travel.

R5 is a reliable e-bike. With the good quality electric system, R5 operates fine for bicycle touring. It is well-sealed and designed to take shock. Quality batteries and motors can withstand the mud, snow and bumpy road conditions. Airwheel R5 electric aided bicycle will entice non-cyclists to give bike travel a go. It can offer the speed of running, but with the effort of walking.

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