SantasWatching app helps grumpy toddlers behave with a friendly phone call from Santa

SantasWatching‚ the app that helps parents keep their children in check, is gaining in popularity and recognition across the US and beyond.

Houston, TX, USA – SantasWatching‚ the innovative app that’s highly effective in preventing children from throwing temper tantrums at the worst possible moment‚ is being downloaded by exasperated parents. The smartly designed app calls upon Santa for support. Santa leaves a (pre-recorded) message on a guardian’s phone letting the child know that he is ‘always watching.’

 “All parents have had an embarrassing moment with their toddlers at the most inconvenient of times‚” says Rick Gillis, spokesperson for SantasWatching. “The app presents a great way to calm children down as they listen to a message from Old Saint Nick on Mommy’s phone.”

The app has been designed to leave a message from Santa on your phone that you then play for your child letting them know when they have been naughty or nice. (Yes, you can choose “nice” for good children!) The app is used by simply selecting ‘boy’, ‘girl’, or ‘children’ and then the proper guardian: ‘Mommy’, ‘Daddy’, ‘Grandma’, ‘Grandpa’, ‘Nana’, or ‘Papa’. Next a (pre-recorded) call “comes in” from Santa that can be played for the child or for a group of children. The awe of hearing from Santa is all it takes to calm down the worst tantrum.

Children are amazed that Santa really IS watching over them. Parents and grandparents can use the app over and over again, with 3 different messages that play in rotation so that the child is convinced that Santa really is watching all the time.

SantasWatching was developed by a father of two toddlers who got the idea of an outburst-controlling app when he witnessed a little boy throwing a tantrum at the airport. His wife thought that hearing from Santa could be a great way of making them better behave.

SantasWatching costs $.99 and is currently available for iPhone only.

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