Kuester Management Group Details Important Considerations for HOA Elections

Kuester Management Group sheds light on common errors and stumbling blocks in HOA elections and how to help things run more smoothly.

The Presidential election may be over in the United States, but many homeowners associations are gearing up to hold their own elections for the board. While this may seem minor in the grand scheme of things, HOA boards play an important role in the operations of the neighborhood. A strong board can enhance financial stability, implement valuable improvements, and bring together homeowners. In a new statement to the press, Kuester Management Group shares tips for holding more effective elections.

“The board oversees the entire HOA,” says Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “It is in charge of everything from creating and upholding rules and regulations to determining assessments and selecting vendors. There is a lot at stake, and homeowners should be actively involved in deciding who sits on the board.”

Before an election can take place, the current board should familiarize itself with the policies and procedures, advises Kuester. This means identifying the appropriate numbers to meet quorum, sending out adequate notice, presenting eligible candidates, and deciding how, when, and where voting will take place. It is essential to drum up interest and engagement among homeowners because if quorum is not met, the election is invalid. Emphasize the importance of showing up and getting involved.

Homeowners should also have the opportunity to run for a position if they are interested. Sending out a newsletter or other announcement highlighting candidates and providing a short note from each can help familiarize members with their options. Also, ensure that members understand the responsibilities of assuming a seat on the board. Clear communication is vital for an effective and well-run election.

Election policies should also specify exactly who is allowed to vote and whether proxies are accepted. Does each homeowner get a vote, or is it one vote per household? Accurate records should be kept regarding who attended the election to verify that quorum was met before voting takes place or responses are counted.

Kuester encourages HOAs to start planning well in advance and establish a system for making the process as fair and efficient as possible. Delegate responsibilities and assign deadlines to ensure nothing is overlooked and homeowners are well informed. Lack of understanding regarding election procedures and the importance of participation can lead to chaos and confusion. It is also important to have inspectors overseeing the process to assess validity and confidentiality.

Property management companies such as Kuester can support HOAs in planning and executing board elections while ensuring compliance with established rules and regulations. They can assist with communication and logistics to promote involvement from homeowners and fair proceedings. Making changes to the board from time to time can lead to positive outcomes for HOA communities, but it requires everyone to work together with the best interests of the neighborhood as a whole in mind.


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