Purchase Quality Michigan Home State Pride Sweat Shirts at Unbeatable prices at Livnfresh

Livnfresh selling their unique and custom designed Michigan Home State Pride Sweat Shirt at discount rates, as they are making room for new designs for 2017

14 Nov, 2016 – Gaylord, MI – Designer clothing is well known for its special look, luxurious textures and quality finish. Similarly, custom wardrobe too reflects the same as designer clothing does. However, in custom designed wardrobes modifications are made according to the user’s needs, space and styles on the existing cloths in the market. Livnfresh offers such quality custom designed products at competitive rates.

Livnfresh one of the innovative custom design clothiers offers special discounts on three of their Michigan Home State Pride Sweat shirts COSMIC FLEECE product Fresh Coast, Great Lakes Girl and Michigan-D. In order to make room for the new designs for the upcoming year 2017, Livnfresh decided to sell these three of their Michigan Home State Pride Sweat shirts at cheap price without compromising its quality in order to covey special “Thank” to their super loyal fans.

The most highlighting fact of the current Livnfresh discount is all the products are custom designed and limited special edition, which means it somehow will be the unique designer products. Also, this discounted sale covers the regular terms and condition offered by Livnfresh over Returns & Exchanges which is 15 days to return and 30 days for exchanging.

The Cofounder of Livnfresh Dave says “Why be like the others when you can be fresh?” “The little details make the difference”, while exclaiming the outcome of Livnfresh from the passion of life right from the college days.

Also ‘Dave’ the owner of Livnfresh adds “Michigan isn’t just a state, it’s a lifestyle and the same goes for every state! We all have such pride for our home state; we are all connected, even in this diverse world. When you see a stranger wearing your favorite state design and walk up to them and strike up a conversation because you have something in common. That’s just awesome! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?”

For fashion and style lovers, purchasing a quality custom designed products from Livnfresh high quality fashion apparel would result best.

About Livnfresh:

Livnfresh well known for its unique and custom design products owned by Dave and Cari Samalik, who are in the field of screen printing for over 20 years in Northern Michigan.  The idea which gave birth to the livnfresh started from the adult age of the co-founder ‘Dave’ who loves to be unique and fresh while outing.

The founders of livnfresh ‘Dave and Cari’ takes the innovative screen printing wardrobes not only in their whole states, they also make sure that their quality of their custom designed products exceeds the expectation level of customers from various places.

To know more about Livnfresh products and to purchase their quality designed wardrobes visit their official e-commerce site: https://www.livnfresh.com which contains varieties of design wardrobes on the city (location) basis.

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