turtlcase: Ultra-Ergonomic Smartphone Case for iPhone 6/6s

Kickstarter campaign live since 09-Nov-2016

BERLIN, GERMANY – 14 Nov, 2016 – Meet turtlcase, your iPhone’s and your new best friend, designed to not only provide a more ergonomic grip and protect your device but also to prevent you from developing a very modern health problem.

This year, health experts have warned that Textitis is on the rise, caused by the continuous motion of your fingers combined with poor posture. Together they put a lot of strain on joints, tendons and muscles, which leads to inflammation and stiff joints.

Bastian, innovator of the turtlcase comments: “Mobile phones play a crucial part in our busy lives. We wanted to address the health issues and phone safety by designing a case that allows everyday mobile usage. Our aim is to adapt this case to other mobile types once the necessary funding has been generated.”

The German-engineered turtlcase is made of durable and non-slippery eco-friendly material, which is pleasantly soft and available in different colors.

The Kickstarter campaign is about to raise 9,999 €, to make the turtlcase become real and send directly to the backers with free world wide shipping. Shipped US and EU friendly, no customs or borders have to be paid. The rewards are offered under retailer price and a few restricted early birds are even cheaper. A single turtlcase or as a bundle – it´s a unique opportunity offered to the backers.

To learn more about turtlcase and support the campaign, please visit www.turtlcase.com

Video Link: https://vimeo.com/191364813

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Company Name: Turtl
Contact Person: Bastian
Email: bastian@turtlcase.com
Country: Germany
Website: www.turtlcase.com