Disagreement Does NOT Equal Hate!: Presenting the Conservative Theatre Festival

COLUMBUS, OH – 14 Nov, 2016 – Stage Right Theatrics presents the Conservative Theatre Festival on Saturday, January 7, 2017 at the Shedd Theatre.  Six short plays with conservative points of view will be presented.

“Disagreement does not equal hate.” says Robert Cooperman, playwright and producer of the Conservative Theatre Festival. “The conservative point of view has been marginalized from the theatre world.  All we want is a place at the table with our LGBT, Latino/a, African-American, and women’s movement colleagues.  The Conservative Theatre Festival provides an alternative point of view that I am hopeful will improve understanding, cooperation, and coexistence.  We do not preach hate and should not allow our adversaries to define who we are.  Perhaps through theatre—that most universal of art forms—we can start to build bridges.”  

The six short plays to be presented at the Conservative Theatre Festival are:

The Truth Will Out by Ron Frankel (FL). The son of a progressive Upper West Side family informs his father that he has joined a conservative Republican group, and that he is now gay, to boot. Guess what bothers his father more?

Spare Some Change by CJ Erlich (NY).  An entrepreneurial homeless man tries to convince a businesswoman to invest in his lunch.

The University Chalk Circle by Gary Wadley (KY).  What happens when the liberal silliness taught in our universities meets reality; when “Epic Drama” embraces political correctness?

That N**’s Crazy by Pete Riesenberg (MA).  This play asks the question whether that word can ever be used by a white man, even in the context of Richard Pryor’s 1974 album title.

A Subject of Inquiry by Carl Williams (TX).  The debate surrounding evolution and intelligent design is no debate at all in the public classroom when the government forbids a teacher from entertaining any such discussion.

Drop the Barbie! by Robert Cooperman (OH).  A contemporary couple attempts to keep its offspring from thinking conservative thoughts.

The Conservative Theatre Festival will be presented at the Shedd Theatre (the Columbus Performing Arts Center, 549 Franklin Ave., Columbus, OH 43215) on January 7, 2017 at 7:30 p.m.  Tickets cost $10 and will be available online December 1 at https://stagerighttheatrics.ticketspice.com/the-conservative-theatre-festival or at the door.

For more information, contact Robert Cooperman, conservativefestivaloh@gmail.com or 614-562-9105.  The Festival website is http://conservativefestivaloh.com

The whole idea of a conservative voice in theatre has been met with derision and scorn by the keepers of the arts in this country (and abroad).  A number of years ago, Lisa Goldman, the artistic director of the Soho Theatre (London), commented about conservative theatre: “What would a right-wing play have to offer?  Anti-democracy, misogyny, bigotry, nostalgia of all kinds?”  This sentiment has been echoed incessantly on both sides of the pond and it continues to be the bludgeon by which the theatre world keeps conservatives at bay.  In America, playwright David Mamet, upon announcing his conversion to conservatism in the essay, “Why I Am No Longer a Brain-Dead Liberal,” was immediately denounced and his canon re-examined.  Is there no room for the conservative voice in theatre, even the voice of (arguably) our finest contemporary playwright?

The plays presented by the Conservative Theatre Festival were written under the auspices of Stage Right Productions, Inc., a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization promoting conservative-themed plays and the artists who create them.

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