White paper on Puercoin released in Hong Kong

The press conference of PEB (Puercoin): White Paper on Digital Currency with Standard System & Global Exchange and Settlement System of Digital Currency, hereinafter referred to as The White Paper, was successfully held in Hong Kong on Nov. 9, 2016. Experts and scholars, financiers, bankers and political leaders of China and other countries from the field of blockchain attended this conference.

The topic of this conference is to realize blockchain-based application scenarios of digital assets and the open source application of blockchain, etc., through the release of The White Paper. Ye Qiang, the chairman of the board of Puer Bank, elaborated the contents of The White Paper on the conference, saying that The White Paper describes the generation and future operation model of the Puercoin in a lively and philosophical language style of ancient Chinese literature, I Ching. Ye also introduced the first innovative model of Global Exchange and Settlement System of Digital Asset mentioned on the conference.

The system will be used to realize functions such as digital asset trade and exchange, etc. It can also be used for registration, custody and mobility construction of digital assets (e.g. equity, claims, copyright, all kinds of split equities) as well as the breakthrough of deposit and management of bank capital. Based on the global settlement system, Puer Bank will also launch the worldwide offline layout of application scenarios simultaneously. The conference has great significance on the prospect of blockchain technology development and application.

About the innovation of blockchain technology, Ye said the primary issue during the practice of standard system was the choice of standard asset. Puer Bank chose collected tea as standard asset, firstly writing the concept of standard system into blockchain technology area and marking the original position of Puercoin with the unchangeabletime stamp of blockchain to represent the innovation and advance of China’s digital asset philosophy and blockchain technology. 

Furthermore, on the conference, delegates and representatives analyzed the popularization of the philosophy described in The White Paper as well as its impact. They also had deep discussions on topics such as how to seize the opportunity to promote the rapid development of international blockchain technology under the background of the fast development of internet, etc. Experts from the field, including American blockchain researchers and S. Korean blockchain technology specialists, had deep discussions on the philosophy of standard system on the conference, initializing a technology alliance on blockchain with standard system and constructing the alliance convention. Consensus on the future development of both blockchain technology and digital asset with standard system had been reached.

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