Somnova, the first smart anti-snore mat is coming to help stop snoring

Millions of people are suffering from snoring and the anti-snore industry is worth billions. A startup technology company say they have developed a non-invasive snore solution to help people stop snoring comfortably and you can never imagine that stopping snore can be so simple.


Why do people snore? Because of different reasons, snorer’s airways is narrow. When breathing, air passes through this narrowed airway quickly. This create vibrations that are heard as snoring. Snoring affects the quality of sleep for a partner and it is also an indicator that airway obstruction. 

Although there are many proposed snore solutions, it is uneasy for consumers to find an effective and non-invasive product. Some wearable devices makes people feel uncomfortable, like dentures or chin straps.

Sleeping on the side is a technique to improve the condition of narrow airway and reduce snoring. Often a very small movement or a very gentle push will stop the snoring. The problem is that it is very likely that after a few minutes they will start snoring again and nobody has the patience to continuously overnight just nudge or push their partner very gently to stop their snoring。

That’s why Somnova is coming to help. It is an advance anti-snore mat that helps reduce snoring by moving the sleeper on his or her side very gently.  This new snore solution will launch a Kickstarter campaign in the latter part of November.


Somnova is the world’s first smart and non-invasive anti-snore mat. Designed in Hong Kong, it is a mat being put under your back. Equipped with a smart sensor, when Somnova picks up the sounds of you snoring, it gently and slowly moves you to sleep on the side. The whole process is automatic and does not wake up the snorer.

After making many tests in pillows and mattress, Somnova team choose a mat which is more comfortable and effective to help changing sleeping position. Meanwhile a mat is compact and portable. There is also an accompany APP for users to see their snoring patterns and get healthy tips.

The company says they will prepared an extremely super discount for early birds in Kickstarter.

You can read more at their official website: WWW.SOMNOVA.COM

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