Spiritcube rolls out 2017 $5 Million offering

Spiritcube Inc., a Privately Held, Austin Texas Tech Company, rolls into 2017 with a new series financing round of $5 million. The company is looking to further expand its 3D cube concept into other mediums. The 3D platform is currently being used in an iOS and Android photo sharing social media app. The company dev team will continue its R & D on the app currently available at the iTunes Store and Google play, plus version #44 on Test Flight for select review.

The company has also slated the preliminary development of a 3D operating system based on the same functionality as well as a host of other classified applications. The firm is also in early stage development of technology that will eventually incorporate Virtual Reality (VR) allowing users the ability to communicate, file, store and run all media in a seamless compact format. The company expects to keep pace with innovation and will release version 1.1 (iOS and Android) in the immediate future and similar upgrades over the last quarter of 2016.

Spiritcube’s evolution seems to be a mainstay of successful Silicon Hills companies. What started as a life memorial site has evolved into an emerging technology and software Development Company. Being aware of the very fluid tech environment keeps these tech firms in front of the curve.

Spiritcube Inc. is finalizing a funding round of an estimated $2 million giving the company a current valuation of $28 million, a substantial increase from the previous year’s valuation of approximately $3 million and making it a valued startup by venture capitalists. The new $5 Million dollar round is slated to open early 2017.

Spiritcube’s innovatively trending technology captures the essence of what could be a 2017 producer. Intelligent Tech Investors are scrambling to get involved with early and growth stage Tech startups that are leading the trends.

Media Contact
Company Name: Spirtcubeapp
Contact Person: Caroline Florez
Email: carolina@spiritcubeapp.com
Address:111 Congress Ave, Suite 400
City: Austin
State: TX
Country: United States
Website: www.spiritcubeapp.com