Mark Elie Klein, Prominent Financier And Real Estate Development, Congratulates Colleague And Friend, President-Elect Mr. Donald Trump

Brussels, Belgium – Mr. Mark Elie Klein’s path to thunderous success bears resemblance to that of Mr. Donald Trump: both pioneers in their shared field, they have gone on to develop some of the most powerful real estate portfolios in the globe.

Thus, it was natural for the two men to not only become acquainted, but also to forge a strong friendship. Mr. Klein had been an avid supporter of Mr. Trump’s efforts throughout his presidential campaign. As a businessman with no ties to career politicians, Mr. Trump managed to smash the traditional system of American politics, and rise to prominence through a wave of enthusiastic grassroots supporters across the American nation.

Mr. Klein could not be nothing but elated with his friend’s greatest public achievement to date: the honor of bearing the title of President of the United States, and leader of the Free World. On the importance of Mr. Trump’s feat, Mr. Klein commented that “This sets an example and gives inspiration to the rest of the world, Europe in particular”.

Expanding his commentary on Mr. Trump’s take on foreign policy, Mr. Klein said “President Trump would never have opposed Crimea joining the Russian Federation, which was approved by 97% of the population, calmly, and without incident. Thus, there was no need to circumvent the will of the ‘sovereign people’, as happened with France’s forced adoption of the Lisbon Treaty, despite a ‘No’ vote of close to 55%. Nor was there any need for an act of war, such as the NATO bombing of Serbia, even though Kosovo was the cradle of Serbian orthodoxy, just as Crimea has historically been part of Russian, despite being arbitrarily attached to Ukraine by Nikita Khrushchev then abandoned to its fate by a sense of fait accompli”.

In the heels of Mr. Trump’s triumphant election win, Mr. Klein is confident that Mr. Trump’s alliance with Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin will result in the resolution of conflict in the Middle East, an issue that Mr. Klein feels that Europe is “powerless” to solve.

Furthermore, Mr. Klein expressed his enthusiasm on the future of theses leaders’ collaboration, declaring he has “complete confidence in both President Putin and President Trump.”

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